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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Tips For Webmasters - Knowing the best host for you

There are several web hosting companies via the internet and you got to select the perfect web hosting plan which is perfect for your site. In this article we will help you on how best you can select a web hosting plan that will suit the requirements of your site. The most important aspect is that the web hosting plan should provide all the services that your website needs. Once you get to understand this vital key then you will be able to eliminate quite a lot of options.

Here are some of the important aspects you should consider when selecting the best hosting plan for your website;

- Get to know the requirements of your site

- Selecting an operating system

- Selecting between Dedicated and Shared solutions

- Making a comparison between hosting companies in order for you to select the better

Understanding the requirements of your site

You should first of all understand what your site requires for it to be in its gear mode. This is one of the trickiest situations to most webmasters because they select a hosting plan before they have checked on the requirements of their site. Here are some points you should consider as vital requirements for you site;

- The amount of disk space that your site will require
- The amount of bandwidth
- Does it require databases and if so what kind of databases?
- The script languages that it will use (Server-side Script Language)
- The Sevlet technology it uses

These points which have been outlined above will help you on selecting the best hosting provider or plan.

The majority of sites do not recommend much disk space and this would be at (-)100mb of space. When selecting a web hosting plan you also have to consider traffic generation to your site. Some web hosting plans will not keep track of the traffic that will be coming to your site and this will become difficult for the webmaster because you would need to know the number of visitors you get from your site.

When determining databases for your site you should also note that a web hosting plan may not provide databases so check if the hosting plan offers databases. Bear in mind that you should also know the number of databases that your site requires because some of the hosting plans offer limited databases.

So first and for most when you are selecting a web hosting plan you should consider what exactly your site requires.

The requirements of your site are the vital aspects for you to select the best web hosting plan.
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Website Traffic Tips How To Obtain Maximum Traffic To Your Site

As a webmaster you have to know how best you can achieve your goal to bring visitors to your site. Website traffic is very difficult to many webmasters and it has proved to be a complex task. If your site does not get visitors then you would have wasted all your money and effort developing and hosting the site. The majority of webmasters should note that website traffic is not created only on the fact that your site is good. You may have a very good site offering great services but it will not even yield revenue for you because with out web traffic it will not be known which means that your site does not exist.

In this article I have outlined a few tips on how best you can obtain maximum traffic to your site.

Once all these tips are followed properly and implemented you will definitely get lots of traffic to your site and yield great fortune.

In order for your site to exist and be known online it has to find a way in order to get traffic.

These tips will focus on how to generate traffic to your website.

- Article marketing

You definitely have to write an article about the benefit that your site has to offer to its visitors. Article marketing is very great in the sense that I will explain everything to a visitor before he or she gets to your site and when the visitor finally gets to your site s/he already knows what you are offering. Once your articles are written you are able to submit them at various article directories such as,, and other several online article directories. The main importance about article marketing is that your idea and what your site offers gets to the visitor before s/he has visited your site.

- Search Engine Optimization

This is very vital especially if you need a lot of traffic with out the use of spending a lot of money and you do not have to use services that will submit your site to a list of directories. The first thing you need to do is to create meta tags for your site. If you have no idea about this you can Google for “Meta Tag generator”. This will make you use targeted keywords in your site and including title, description and the keyword tags on the html header.
You should also note that the keyword density of your site should range between 5-7% and definitely Google will pick up your page and it will have countless of visitors.

- Social Bookmarking

This has become one of the very most effective methods of bringing traffic to your site and it can eventually yield great results for you. There are several online sites which provide social bookmarks and these include Facebook, digg, etc. These social networks will tag your site with specific keywords that they will use to show others so that they are able to get to your site. You can initially submit your site to these social networks and they will eventually get you traffic.

- Pay-Per-Click Advertising

The last thing you would need to do is to pay for your traffic. Although it can be very expensive for you it will definitely bring you great revenue than you would have used. Google AdSense and AdWords would be the best Pay-Per Click advertising. It will display your site on top as sponsored sites and this will show depending on the targeted keywords you would have used. You should bear in mind that the higher the budget is the more traffic you will get.
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How To Increase Traffic To Your Hubpages!

When I joined the HubPages long back, I didn't have any clue to how to bring people to read my articles. Slowly I learned how to do that by emailing friends and posting links in digg, reddit, and which was readily available at Hubpages then. But even then the traffic was so slow! I had only about a few hundred visitors in the first 5 weeks or so.

You can say that I was more than disappointed with that! Then I noticed a pattern emerging from the statistics for Hubs. Most of the traffic were coming from various google domains! Although there was a slight increase in traffic, still it wasn't much. Now I have nearly 3,000,000 visitors for all my published hubs. The lion's share of the visitors are from search engines. In fact I published one hub thanking all my fellow hubbers for making it possible.

3,000,000visitors! I am happy for reaching this landmark!!

It was then I discovered the potential of Social Boomarking. After some research I've found hundreds of sites offering bookmarking services for free! I decided to test a few sites. And my traffic improved considerably. I started bookmarking with more and more sites. Now I am in my 18th month at The Hubpages. And my statistics shows nearly 3,000,000 hits. I am really happy now, that my strategy regarding bringing visitors to The Hubpages is paying off, as my adsense account has also been doing well.
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Increase website traffic by being different

I want more Website Traffic NOW!
This is the most common question I receive from website owners. It seems everyone is concerned about getting more website traffic. No one seems to focus on what happens when they get that traffic, but that's their choice.

Today I want to answer your questions on how to get more website traffic. But instead of just listing the tools you can use, I want to change the way you think about the traffic you so desperately want.

Being Different gets Attention
Most websites have a lot of competition. If you don't have direct competitors, you still have a billions of other websites all vying for your visitors' eyeballs.

So how do you stand out amongst the crowd and become worthy of visiting? You do something different of course...who would have seen that answer coming!

Being different gets attention, full stop. It may be bad attention the way you look at someones strange clothes on the street and wonder why anyone would want to pierce that part of their body. Or it could be good attention that makes you stand apart from the crowd.

In Seth Godin's book, Purple Cow, he talks about driving through the countryside and looking at the cows. At first, cows are new and exciting because they don't see them wandering through the city.

But eventually all the cows are the same so they get boring. Then they come across a purple cow! How strange, how unique, how wonderful. And of course the wonder of the purple cow lasts for a while but as they encounter more purple cows, the effect begins to diminish again. [I think I remembered the story correctly - it makes my point anyway]

To spell out the message, first you need to be different to everyone else. Then you have to consistently work at being different so you don't lose your purple cow effect.

Difference for the Sake of Difference
What I'm not telling you to do is be different just for the sake of it. You don't just suddenly decide all your staff should be wearing Santa hats every day of the year. Sure it'll get attention, but if your a bank your customers might not like the difference.

What you have to work out is what makes you different and align it with your passion and strength as a business. Every business has core values, whether by accident or design, and it needs to live those core values every day. You need to always work in line with those core values and maximise their effect as your differentiating factor.

In Good to Great by Jim Collins, the book discusses how the companies that went from good to great all found an specific area and decided they could be the best in the world at it. They didn't look for something that was making money, they simply picked the niche that they could completely dominate.

It's a little strange thinking about giant companies choosing niches, but it's exactly what they did. Most of the companies even changed the direction of their business to focus on a completely different area. If a huge company can do it, it's a lot easier for your business.

Also note, that when they found the area they were going to be the best in the world at, they didn't change their minds. They might change strategies, but the goal was the same. There's no point in building up momentum only to squash it by changing direction constantly.

This brings me nicely back to website traffic...I promise!
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Bringing Traffic To Your Web Site

Bringing traffic to your web site is the key to making money online. Whether your site makes money from advertising, affiliate marketing, selling your own products, or subscriptions, you won't make a penny until your prospective customers actually visit your web site.

What if there was a way to get your web site promoted online, so that it shows up in the first page of the organic search results, or referring sites show up in the first page of the organic search results which then point people to your site?

What Works And What Doesn't
We know that the best traffic you can get (other than people who already know about your site and have their credit cards out before they arrive, of course) is organic search traffic.

To appear in the organic search listings, you need to be, in the eyes of Google (or whatever other search engine people might use), a good place to go for information on that search term - otherwise known as a "keyword".

Search engines decide which web sites are about particular topics on the basis of the keywords on the page, and the links to the page from elsewhere on the internet.

Getting traffic is all about getting your pages (whether they are your pages on your site, or your pages on sites like this one which then link to your web site) to show up in search results.

Once you have the wording on your pages done correctly, it's all about getting backlinks to your pages, with the right "anchor text" - the words that are the link. What you want is keyword-anchored backlinks - links to your site which have your keywords as the anchor text.

How can you get these keyword-anchored backlinks?

One way is to create Hubs, Squidoo lenses, and articles in article directory sites. Another way is to create blog posts. You can also use social bookmarking sites, if you are careful, to create keyword-anchored backlinks.

It doesn't cost you anything, but it takes time.

Basically you have to write lots of articles, and post them all over the place!

You can't just post the same article everywhere, because Google will only show one result if it finds duplicate pages, so it's a waste of effort to post the same article in lots of places. And if you bought the article, you're unlikely to be the first to post it somewhere! You really need to write your own.

What If Someone Would Do It For You?
What if you could push a button and get 30-50 keyword-anchored backlinks to your site?

Not rubbish links from spam directories, but proper links embedded in articles and blog posts?

Plus 100 articles based around your keyword, but at least 30% different from one another to avoid duplicate content penalties, that you can use to make Hubs, Squidoo lenses, and blog posts of your own?

And have your site social bookmarked in a way that produces more keyword-anchored backlinks?

We have worked out ways to do all these things - and with intelligent, articulate, native English-speakers doing the work, so you get a quality result.

The question is whether people think it's worthwhile as a service.

Would you pay to have your website promoted like this?

And if you would, what do you think the service is worth?
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Generate 72000 quality visitor with these simple tips

Having a website is one thing, but having no visitors is another. Many Newbies create a good looking site, but have no idea how to get traffic.There are many methods of driving quality traffic to your site, and if you have very little to no money to spend on paid advertising, then your only option is to find free methods of advertising. Here are the best ways to drive quality traffic to your website:

One Way is Blogging:

Starting a blog is a very good way to drive free traffic to your website. Blogs are very easy to setup, and as long as they are informative, you will see people making posts. Remember, the more visitors you can get to read your blog and comment on, The higher it will rank in the search engines which is exactly what you want. It is important for a blog to be keyword rich, Which also contributes to SEO greatly.

One More Is Submitting Articles:

Articles are an excellent free method of driving traffic to your website,The great thing about writing articles is that it is a "Set and forget" type of marketing. The more people that read your article, the higher it will rank in the search engines, and the more articles you submit to article directories, the more exposure your website is going to receive. Your articles must be helpful to readers, and in turn are more than likely going to visit your website for further information.

The Other One Is Email marketing:

Once you have a list of targeted leads, you can then start sending each one helpful tips and info and a provided link they can click on to your website. Do not send emails that are spammy in any way, They're just going to delete it, just keep your emails to the point and informative and you can't go wrong.

***Most Important Video marketing***

This has become increasingly popular over time, and one of the best ways to promote your website. A Video Site such as YouTube for example is an excellent place to start. If your video is unique, you will get lots of views, and in turn, lots of clicks.

And Also Social Networking:

Social Networking sites require a certain method to be effective. Remember this is your website you are going to be promoting so be professional about it. Don't start sending out spam otherwise your going to get a bad name for yourself and possibly have your account suspended or terminated.

Last But Not Least is Offline Marketing:

This is probably the most under rated method of free traffic generation. Even if you have no money to spend on business cards or professionally designed advertising, just talk to people. The word will soon spread. Word of mouth is very effective. Another way is to print out or write up a heap of flyers and deliver them to letter boxes.

Even if you have money to spend on paid advertising, Always utilise the free methods first. There is really no limit to the amount of traffic you can get. All you need to do is think outside the box and you will see results before you know it.....

For more practical demos on these and other advanced ways of generating traffic, visit here NOW.

Gunasekhar is an entrepreneur, marketer and innovator. His marketing strategies drive traffic from around the world. Get all those to your inbox here
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5 Sure-Fire Affiliate Marketing Tips To Drive Laser-Targeted Traffic

Most affiliate marketing experts would agree that driving laser-targeted traffic to their websites is the most challenging task. This being the case, even with the best sales letter, the most efficient tools, and the right attitude to succeed as an affiliate, the one most important skill of marketing to be mastered is how to drive traffic to his website. Without this, all efforts are futile. This article is written to give you 5 surefire affiliate marketing tips to help you drive tons of traffic consistently for more subscribers and more sales.

The first affiliate marketing tip I am going to share is about conquering the search engines. Search engines offer the best quality traffic as the traffic is warm and ready to take action be it to subscribe for a newsletter or to buy your product. To achieve top search engine rankings, there are two fundamental principles. Make sure that your web content is unique with proper keyword density, and secondly, build inbound links consistently over time.

Now, I will dish out the second affiliate marketing tip which is to drive inorganic traffic by exchanging links with other webmasters that shares similar theme with your website. This has a dual effect. Firstly, traffic that comes to your partners? websites would find your website relevant and visit it. Secondly, the backlinks pointing to you are great for building your link popularity and boosting your search engine rankings.

Article marketing is a powerful way to bring in a constant stream of traffic. Quality and informative content is always useful in creating interest in readers and pulling them to your website for more. Articles are another great way to build backlinks and improve your search engine rankings.

I have yet another powerful affiliate marketing tip to offer you, which is the whole concept of Joint Venture (JV). JV is very effective when it comes to promoting products. Find a JV partner in the same market as yourself and cross-promote your products. This arrangement is mutually beneficial and allows both to leverage on whatever subscriber base you have.

The last advice to you is to focus your efforts on building your list. You must have heard this umpteen times but if you have not done that, it means you are really losing time and money. Your list will be your most powerful weapon whenever you have a great product to recommend. Whether you are selling other peoples? products as an affiliate or selling your own creations, your personal list is often the best place to market to especially if you have built a good rapport with your list.

If you can put your heart into mastering or at least applying these affiliate marketing tips in your website promotion, you would definitely make it as a successful affiliate marketer. To find out even more powerful and effective traffic driving strategies, you can always download my free report.

It has created multiple affiliate income machines since 2006. For a limited time, you can download his FREE report ?Secrets of Affiliate Marketing? which reveals killer secrets of affiliate marketing you can use immediately to supercharge your affiliate income! Full giveaway and resale rights worth $97 included. Also read this interesting article to pick up 10 affiliate marketing secrets.
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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Traffic Generation And Affordable SEO Services

Traffic generation is of extreme importance to your online business, and affordable SEO services are equally important in securing that website traffic.

In order to help you achieve the type of traffic you need to make your online business a success, we shall look at each of these statements separately and discuss what options are available to enable you to attract the visitors that are essential to your online future. Although there are ways to attract traffic other than through search engine optimization, it is definitely to your benefit if you can secure traffic by means of the free advertising that a high listing in search engines such as Google and Yahoo can provide you with.

There are many ways in which you can make your website as search engine friendly as possible and improve its capacity for traffic generation. Did you notice the mistake I just made there? I mentioned websites in the same sentence as search engine. True search engines look at web pages, not web sites. More on that in a minute. In order to make it easier for me (and you) I am going to apply the name Google whenever I write about ?search engine?, since although Yahoo, MSN, Altavista, Ask, etc are important, no one can deny that Google is the biggest search engine.

Not only that, but it was the first true search engine. Yahoo started life off as a web directory, and if your site was not in the Yahoo directory, it would not be listed in a search. Now, however, in addition to being a website directory, Yahoo, MSN and Ask are true web search engines, the same as Google. I will explain the difference later from my website that you can access from the link in my Resource Box.

For the moment, accept the fact that Google and the other true search engines crawl the whole World Wide Web for the web pages that are most relevant to the search term that your customers are using to find the information they are seeking. Did you notice what I just wrote there? ?Web pages?? Not ?web sites? but web pages, as I mentioned earlier. Google and the rest list individual web pages in order of relevance to its interpretation of the words that your potential visitors use to find their information. That is very important to keep in mind.

How do they do that? How do the search engines decide what is relevant and what is not to a character string ? that is all that your search term is. That is another story really, but it is connected with what is commonly termed ?Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI)?, a misnomer for a mathematical statistical analysis of the vocabulary on each of your web pages.

I say misnomer, because LSI is not an indexing technique, but an analysis method that uses character strings and known juxtaposition of characters, to determine what you are writing about through the use of contextual relevance of the whole passage of your text to the keyword, or theme, that you have highlighted by means of the search engine optimization techniques available to you. Nobody can make a web page LSI compliant, or ?use? LSI on a website.

It is akin to saying that you can use probability equations to write an article on fly fishing. It is a nonsense that even the best known internet gurus believe, unless they are lying to us and I sure that they would not do that. They must therefore be more ignorant than we believed them to be, which explains quite a lot all things considered. Which of the two options would they admit to I wonder.

You no longer need the oft-quoted 1% - 3% keyword density on your web page, but instead more vocabulary and content on your page that makes the topic of that page clear, without any doubt, to software that parses our page for its meaning in additional to human readers who can tell that at a glance. You have to use more vocabulary than just repeat the keyword or Google and the rest of the search engines will not list your page.

The most affordable SEO services will provide you with the small things that you do to your individual web pages to improve your listing position and traffic generation capability. Such services need not be expensive, although the sites you find online that offer them tend to charge high prices since they are targeting large companies rather than individuals with single small websites of a hundred pages or less. One technique that they all mention, however, is the use of meta tags. Many get it wrong!

The only important meta tags are the Title and Description tags. You should also point out to the spiders what your more important vocabulary is by use of H tags, bold text, italics and underlining. Google appreciates that, but while you might be rewarded for doing so, you will not be punished for not doing so. There is a massive difference between breaking the rules and failing to give a helping hand.

Your linking strategy is of critical importance, and you must have a good number of links back to your web page from other relevant web pages. Take note of the two important words I have used there: ?pages? and ?relevant?. I could write 10 pages on Google PageRank without doing it justice, so won?t start now. Just believe me that you get a share of the Google PageRank of a page linking to yours (not of the home page of that site), and since most linking pages are designed only to hold URL links and consequently contain masses of other links on them, then your share is practically zilch.

Do not therefore give a website a link from your home page that reciprocates with one from deep inside the directory structure that provides you with absolutely no benefit. You cannot lose PageRank by providing a link, but why should you give more than you get. Come to an arrangement: you will provide a link from your PR 5 page if the other party reciprocates. Not if their link is from a PR 0 page.

There are many more ways in which you can legally attract search engines to your website and achieve high listings and to generate loads of traffic. There are also many illegal methods of doing so. It is the end result that counts, but before you can even begin to understand what the term ?black hat? means, you must first understand what SEO means!

Traffic generation is critical to your success, and if you can find affordable SEO services to help you to achieve that, then you are most of the way there. The effect that good search engine optimization has on the generation of traffic to selected pages within your website cannot be over-estimated and will likely determine your future over the next year.

Peter enjoys beating the search engines with his SEO techniques, and this article is continued on his web page
here And his blog here also provides information on how he gets his sites in Google?s top 10 only a few days after submission using his simple website SEO methods and also try here to have a free traffic exposure.
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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Get Traffic Buzzing All Over Your Website Now!

Owning a well-laid out website with great sales copy is good news. Owning such a website that's buzzing with traffic is great news. So what do you want - a website packed with traffic or just eye candy? Of course, you want a website jam-packed with traffic - and here's how you can divert massive traffic to your website:

Free! It's the magic word!

Now, if you are selling a product, say coconut oil used in cook, and you want to give away a freebie that will give customers incentive to sign up for your email list. If your e-book or report talks about the best dishes to make with coconut oil, it will be well received on a site about coconut oil. The point of this example is this - freebies attract people, visitors who will arrive at your website because the freebie strikes a chord or fills a need. Along with the freebie, they will join your list to get it and then you can sell to them again in the future and stay in touch with them now.

Gee! It's not free!

Relax! We're talking about PPC (Pay per Click) advertisements that you can release by budgeting a small amount, say $100 or so. PPC ads on search engines can really draw traffic if they are cleverly written. Search engines will ask you to bid on keywords and pay a deposit. Research keywords first, pay the deposit, get a killer ad developed, release it and then watch the fun! By the way, if you're offering a service, go with Google; if it's a product then try Yahoo Overture first.

Link building

When do you build links? It is quite simple. 1. You build links when some likes your website and puts a link on their website. 2. If you pay a design firm or web service for placing links on other sites. 3. When you exchange links with other credible websites. Credible websites is a key. If you build links with non-credible scammer sites, you will undo all of the hard work you've done because search engines will give you negative ratings. You want to always build links with reputable websites that you've researched.

Article submission

Write articles (only professional level, mind you!) on subject relevant to your website's content and hand them around to reprint directories (such as At the end of each article, add a resource box that focuses on your website and carries its link. Other website owners who need content come looking to get some articles from reprint directories; if they like your article, they will publish it along with that resource box carrying your link. Result: your backlinks will increase and your visibility will increase manifold!

Affiliate marketing

Sign up with an affiliate network such as or and invite affiliate publishers to host your product/service on their website for a commission. If they do, your visibility will increase along with your sales - this works especially if you have a low-cost, fast-moving product that needs more publicity.

Running a Contest or Sweepstakes

Use the services of websites such as Feedback and Response-O-Matic to plant forms on your website. Now, ask users to fill in these forms to qualify for a prize. This way you will collect a massive database that you can use for email marketing.

The Power of Viral Marketing

Viral marketing can build you site traffic quickly. Sign up for social networking websites and plug in to the communities offering fun and engaging content that will get your credibility and advertise discreetly your website link. With this, your traffic will steadily increase. Viral marketing is known for giving a website a big boost in traffic.

These methods will generate a lot of continuous traffic. While online advertising is always available, consider using some offline advertising techniques as well. You can give away freebies off line as well as on including stickers, business cards with a calendar on the back and more. No matter what you decide, do it with style.

Learn tips for marketing an online business try here, or how to start a home based internet business here. Visit the website marketing tips at nitro marketing and blog here at nitro marketing . For more marketing traffic try here for an extra exposure and at the same time earn some extra cash
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Targeted Traffic With Adwords

One of the most important aspects in internet marketing is to have a highly targeted traffic visiting your site. Every webmaster knows the importance of driving quality traffic to a website. The design of the website is just one factor that may affect the success of a particular website. You may have a great product or services to offer and an eye catching website design, but if you fail to use the right techniques to advertise your site, you may not be able to drive quality traffic to your website. If you want your website to succeed or increase your profits, driving highly targeted traffic to your site should be taken into account. One effective strategy to drive targeted traffic to your site is by making use of Adwords, an advertising service offered by Google.

You may be thinking right now on how to make use of Google Adwords. If you have been doing internet marketing for a while, you should be aware that the largest part of people searching around the globe is using Google search engine. Due to its vast amount of user everyday, many webmasters are really serious in getting their website listed in Google search results. Because a high website ranking in Google searches result can mean a high traffic for the website. The search engine result page is also used by the advertisers to promote their products and services through ads and links. As a result, Google launched Adwords to let businesses promote their products or services to highly targeted visitors. And by using Google Adwords, you can guarantee to have instant traffic to your website. By using Adwords, Google will display advertisers? relevant ads within its search engine results page termed as ?Sponsored Links?. So basically, when a relevant keyword was searched within the search engine, Google will display relevant link ads that appear on a separate section giving an excellent visibility to the sites listed.

So how can we make use of Google Adwords? Needless to say, we have to create an account first to use Adwords service. Then while creating a campaign, you must indicate your target language and country. This step is very important because we want to make sure that our advertisements will be only shown to those countries where our product can be sold. After indicating our target countries, we now have to create an ad group. This includes creating the advertisement itself, selecting your targeted keywords, and setting your maximum bid or cost that you are willing to pay every time the user clicked on your ads. The most important part in creating the ad is the headline that will grab attention of your target visitors. When creating the ad, make sure that you describe your website clearly and accurately. Conveying a clear message through your ads is the most effective part in advertising. By doing this, you can make sure that you are attracting qualified individuals that eventually may convert to a sale.

There are literally many types of keyword research that you can use to build a list of highly targeted keywords. By having targeted keywords, the chance of closing a sale eventually increases. Broad match is targeting keywords in a freely distinct method. In broad match, your ads will appear based on your keywords queries as compared to exact match, the ads will only appear if the exact keywords were queried by the searcher.

After you have created your headline tag for your ad, you now have to set your daily budget to optimize your ads exposure. Although Adwords suggest a daily budget for your campaign, it is far better to set your own daily campaign budget based on suitability. You should also determine your maximum cost per click and Google Adwords also recommends you a cost per click. But again, you don?t need to put what Adwords have suggested because you are still the one who will decide on how much you are willing to pay for every click that your ads will get.

So basically, Google Adwords is a very powerful tool that an internet marketer can use to get not only maximum exposure for your website but also to drive qualified traffic to your website. Although, Adwords is one way to get targeted traffic, you should not rely alone to Adwords in driving highly targeted traffic to your site.

Plut Led created a website to share his affiliate marketing tactics. He is also a fan in using the PPC software, SpeedPPC, in creating his PPC campaigns.

kanton fc
must have ppc softwere
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Website Promotion Help Guide to Highly Increase Website Traffic

Hot tips for aggressive website promotion help and stampede traffic building through various Internet marketing strategies. Web promotion and web site traffic strategies.

If you are an Internet Marketer, or a business that owns a website, then knowing how to promote your website or product online is crucial for web success. Knowing how to promote your website, build traffic and increase sales can make or break you in the online world. So how does one bring visitors to a website and increase sales? Below are website promotion and traffic building tips to shake things up on the web:

1. First and foremost, write articles to help promote your website. Article marketing is quite possibly the #1 way for bringing a targeted audience to your website. Article marketing also provides a strong SEO "Search Engine Optimization" benefit to your website that you are trying to promote. Put article marketing 1st on your list of promotional tactics. Submit your articles all over the web to various article websites.

2. Write press releases about your websites or products. Press releases are great because you are allowed to use promotional language throughout the body of the text. Again, you should always promote your press releases to as many websites as possible. The idea is to saturate the web with your information so visitors searching the web will find YOU! They also benefit you in terms of SEO as well.

3. Start a blog! Blogs are great way to share a product or a website with the world. Blogs gain ranking very quickly and are a great place to submit your articles and press releases too as well. Blogs should be updated daily or weekly and must be kept current to work well.

4. Make sure you use anchor text when at all possible using the keywords you want to rank for. Using anchor text will provide an SEO benefit and will let the search engines like Google, Yahoo or MSN know what your website is about.

5. When using anchor text, your article titles or anything else, make sure it is in a topic you can compete in. Instead of competing in terms like "Internet Marketing", compete in terms like "internet marketing website promotion software" These are called long-tail phrases that increase your chance in ranking well with the search engines. You will then become a bigger fish in a small pond... it's all about Niche Marketing right?

6. Read e-books, reports and any information you can find about search engine optimization, traffic building tips, website promotion help and guides and any other type of information that can help you promote better. New methods of website promotion are always becoming available.

7. Supplement your "organic" promotion with some "paid" promotion like pay-per-click advertising. Google Adwords and Yahoo Search Marketing are great ways to gain an additional stream of traffic to your website. Want to cut the cost down on your advertising? Promote products and show ads that may counter-act the cost of advertising.

These are 7 great ways to highly increasing your website traffic. Now the trick is to learn how to use these methods to in a manner which is most effective. Below are some great and free resources to get the most out of your website promotion. By learning, growing and staying on top of what is working, you can get the most out of your website promotion efforts.

For a FREE Website Promotion Help Guide and free e-books and tools visit - For a great Article Marketing Guide visit profit from articles dot com Gabe Killian is a web promoter for Portland Web Visibility for a number of business in the Portland Oregon area.

Click here to go to the page
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Social Traffic Explosion: Tips to Massive Free Traffic

Is there any better type of traffic to bring to your website than FREE targeted traffic?

Of course not, free traffic is what everyone is looking for. If you've ventured into pay per click advertising, I'm sure you've seen how quickly your money can evaporate. Free targeted traffic is the proverbial "Holy Grail" of internet marketing.

Getting traffic to your website is one of the most difficult things for most marketers to figure out. For website owners new to the process and working on a limited budget, Pay Per Click advertising is not a viable option. You can have the greatest website ever made, but if you don't have any traffic then no one will ever know.

What is the best way to drive traffic to your website if you're working on a limited budget? I'll let you in on a little secret, and the only cost to you is the amount of time you put in.

The hottest trend in driving traffic to your website is using the various ýsocial networkingý sites. Social Marketing (or Web 2.0) is built on the concept of people sharing their favorite sites with their friends and acquaintances. The hard part is figuring out how to use that platform to promote your website or products.

Social Marketing is often associated with the big names like Twitter, MySpace, and Facebook, as well as countless smaller ones. These sites should not be easily dismissed, with traffic to these sites dwarfing the traffic seen at supposed big authority sites like ESPN, Amazon, or CNN.

The problem for marketers is how to harness the traffic from these sites and drive it back to their own. Social Networking sites donýt like to cater to marketers and work to keep spam off of their sites. Itýs really important to adhere to this policy so that you arenýt banned from the site.

Be honest with your postings. Donýt mislead people, and try to give them information which will help them out. The more information you provide to them, the more they will be willing to help you out. Provide links with further detail, and make sure to answer any questions that people post to your profile.

Humor is also a great tool to use when using social network sites. Poke a little fun at yourself or give people an insight into who you really are and what passions you have. The more you share of your own personality, the more likely you are to start attracting a parade of friends and building your network of contacts. The bigger your network, the more visitors youýll be able to drive to your website.

If youýre looking for the secrets to funneling large amounts of Social Traffic back to your site, you should take a look at Social Traffic Explosion. Itýs a collection of 8 how to videos that walks you through the steps of building your unique profile at the biggest social networking sites and using them to drive large amounts of free targeted traffic back to your website.

It comes with an 8 week 100% unconditional money back guarantee. If you're not happy with it for any reason or it doesn't meet your expectations, simply return it and you will be refunded with no questions asked. How simple is that?

If you're looking for ways to go under the radar of the major social networking sites and generate massive amounts of free traffic, check out Jim McMenamin's
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Secrets To Generate Leads Through Traffic Generation.

Every website needs traffic. The life of every business on the internet is the amount of visitors you have and can drive to your website on a daily basis. There are different ways of generating website traffic. Mostly people think that driving traffic to their website entails only one thing and that is building the site. Increasing targeted traffic to your website is one of the easiest ways to boost up your online productivity and sales.

Including traffic Generation you must generate Leads to your website. If your website cannot be found by the top search engines, including Google, Yahoo, and MSN, then you are passing up some valuable lead generation. To gain some valuable leads you have to do these.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is considered to be one of the most cost effective promotional tools in the marketing repository of a business for generating a higher volume of targeted sales. Search Engine Optimisation is about creating value for the end user. Effective Website Optimisation (Optimization) ensures that your website presents exceptional value to the user experience, thereby appreciating in value to the Search Engines.

E-mail News Letter :

An email newsletter is a discreet, targeted email, which is intended to send news, information and alerts to its recipients on a regular basis. Recipients should have signed up (or opted-in) to receive the emails.

Why produce a newsletter?

It reinforces brand, reminds them of your product/service, creates customer loyalty, and it establishes your authority on a subject. To encourage people to sign up for your Newsletter, it should offer something of real value to the recipient.

Press Release :

This form of marketing is often overlooked by internet marketers. It is a completely free way to quickly acquire more website traffic easily. All you have to do is have a subject announcing a new product you sell or something newsworthy and submit it to online press release companies. If it is written well enough you can then have it be picked up by top search engines such as yahoo and google.

Keyword Research :

The purpose of keyword research is to identify your website's most popular, relevant keywords in order to increase search engine rankings. Keyword research is not just the gathering of keywords, but involves a deeper dive into the keywords that are being used by your audience, by your competitors and identifying keyword trends for your business.

Link Popularity

Link popularity is a general representation of the total number of web pages which link to a website (or individual web page). Because good link popularity can dramatically increase traffic to your web site. Well placed links are an excellent source of consistent and targeted traffic. And due to recent developments, they can even generate additional search engine traffic to your site.


A method of delivering advertisements to website users in which advertisers are only charged when the advert is actually clicked. Pay per click has become the dominant model for online advertising, following the success of programs such as Google's AdWords and Overture.

Follow the above seven ways to generate traffic and gain leads and see the results
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Unique and Original Articles 7 Traffic Tips

How do you take advantage of your unique and original articles that you have written to send traffic to your site? Here are the 7 traffic tips:

1. Blog Posts: You write your unique and original articles and post it to your own site. And from your blog you let the search engines search your site by the key words that you have used in your articles. More than 50 % of surfers look for information on the Net by keying in certain search words. When the key words in your article match their searches your article is listed among others by the search engine.

2. Article Distribution: You select from you articles and submit your popular ones to article directories. For each article that you submit you add, at the end of the article, the URL of your site and also the URL of the original article.When you do these, you comply with Google's advise so that the crawler will know where the original article is and also there is no duplication of content. Secondly, you build two backlinks to your site. One is directly linking to your front page and another one is linking to the article page.

3. Social Bookmarking: This is another excellent way to build traffic to your site. When your article is bookmarked, readers will have to click the link at the bookmarking site in order to go to your site to read the full story. You can bookmark you articles at many places: Mixx, Furl, Digg. Reddit, Propeller, Faves and many more.

4. Join Blog Carnivals: This is by far the best way to bring traffic to your site. You can join blog carnivals at When your article is selected, your article link and your blog link can be found in the organizerýs article at his site. It is actually a wonderful one-way backlink to improve your Page Rank and Traffic Rank. Check this carnival that I joined recently at

5. Submit Your Blog to Blog Directories: By joining blog directories you are also encouraging traffic from other members of the directories to visit your blog. For some directories your articles are listed and linked to your site. Bloglines, Blogarama, Blogdigger, Blogflux and Bloggernity are some of the many directories that you can join and direct traffic to your site.

6. Forums: Participation in forums discussing about subjects relating to your blog posts is also a good way to send traffic to your site because you provide a URL link to your site at your signature panel.

7. Comments: Just like forums when you make comments on other sites you also leave a one-way backlink to your site. When you share a common interest with the site that you have commented you are also prompting the blog owner to visit your site.

These are the activities that you need to do every day. As for joining carnivals and submitting to blog directories you can do it once a month. You get more traffic when you post and link daily.

These are the activities that you need to do every day. As for joining carnivals and submitting to blog directories you can do it once a month. You get more traffic when you post and link daily.
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Increase Web Traffic Quickly

Want to know how to increase web traffic quickly? in this article I provide some tips that work on how to increase web traffic painlessly. I discuss search engine optimization, writing articles, newsletters, and viral marketing. Bonus tips are included along the way.


Some online companies tend to take their time by getting only a few big prospects that will end up in sales and revenues. However, small and medium scale businesses will have to move faster to grab the customers they need. You do not need to shell out hundreds or thousands of dollars since there are already tools and package on the internet that can guarantee you qualified visitors at a very minimal cost.

Popular Search Engines

The majority of web surfers use search engines to look for different items to buy as well as gain information. You need to have reliable and relevant content on your web site with the use of key words that will most likely be used by potential clients. You can strategically improve key word-based content by putting key terms in the title and throughout the body. Look for similar terms as well. Make sure that your content is straight to the point and factual.

Learn How to Write

Writing articles, e-books and web logs can greatly enhance your reputation and let others become interested in your web site. All your written works should be related to your line of business to drive the right market into your site. Join forums and blog sites then submit copies of your writings for free. You may also hire a professional to do the writing for you or use other excellent articles by experts online. Place a resource box with their name and some background.

Look for online forums and discussion boards where you can meet different individuals who are interested in your business. Check your posts regularly and answer questions as soon as possible. You can also meet other webmasters who would be willing to swap links and information, thereby increasing your visibility on the internet. This is a key way to increase web traffic quickly.

Mini Strategies

Whenever you put a post or article online, place a link leading to your web site. Exchange links with others in the same category, especially popular ones. Link exchanges can greatly improve your search engine ranking. Use an e-mail signature which includes a link to your web site. Use meta tags to improve results in search engines. When writing an e-book, you may put links throughout the entire copy. Should you submit your work to online magazines, you can add a link to your web site too.

More Traffic for Free

Write newsletters and send them to several potential customers online. Viral marketing is a great way to get free traffic. You can save more by giving out free items like reports and articles in exchange for more people coming into your site. There are cheap or free targeted web site traffic that can bring you hundreds or thousands of visitors per day. Depending on the package you avail of, you can get 100% unique visitors every 24 hours. You can be sure that the persons entering are also very interested in your site's content and items for sale.


You can utilize of PPC or pay-per-click to increase web traffic quickly. You will pay for every visitor that comes in your web site by clicking on an ad. There are also co-registration, banner ads, pop-unders and pop-ups that increase your visibility. Some potential clients may be sensitive about a number of approaches so know your market first then choose the method that is least invasive but effective. Joint ventures also increase your network. There are shared opt in sites where you can give things away for free, with the hope of getting more people in. You can also advertise in web directories. Experts suggest that web directories should be complimentary to other effective methods.

Web Site Statistics

It is vital that you know how well your web site is doing so that you can make the necessary changes that will usher visitors in. Web site statistics will show you which pages are regularly viewed and which ones do not appeal to online users as much. You can also tell which countries view your web site, the time and date and other useful information to improve content. You can drive more traffic using the most popular search engines that will index your site even without you knowing. You should also invest in back links to learn how to increase web traffic quickly.
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Use Forums to Gain Website Traffic

One way of getting traffic to your website is to advertise on forums. Using forum posts to bring in traffic does so in ways that other methods don't. It's also a great way of marketing your website on a budget since it costs nothing but your time and effort. However, there are some things you need to keep in mind when you're promoting your site on a forum.

While the internet provides a great way for companies, especially small businesses, to market their products and their services to millions at little cost, if you don't know how to best use the internet for marketing, you may find yourself wasting time at best and actually driving away business at worst. There are so many different websites out there that you have to market your site in some way - you can't just expect visitors to find your website on their own - but you've got to be careful you don't market your site in the wrong way.

Forums, also known as message boards, are one of the places where you have to be careful about how you market your site. Forums are more or less discussions on a general or specific topic. Unlike chat rooms, you don't have to be logged in to read the messages - you can read posts from any day at any time.

One of the best ways to advertise your site on a forum is to find a forum that is in some way related to your service or business. Create a profile, and in the signature area, put a link to your site. Your signature, like an email signature, will appear at the bottom of every post you make on the forum. All you have to do is join the discussion and you'll be advertising your site with every post you make. Since you're posting on a forum that is relevant to your website's product or service, everyone who reads your post can be considered a part of your target audience. Many will probably be interested in your site and will click on your link.

You can also actually post a link to your site in your actual message. However, this is tricky. If you can legitimately discuss your business within the conversation on the forum, it's OK. However, if you simply post a message with a link to your site that does not really relate to the topic at hand, many will see your message as spam. This can get your message deleted, and your forum account may even be banned if you do it too often. However, you may get even more visitors from this type of post because your link is more prominently displayed and visitors have a better idea of what you're offering.

Just be very careful when posting forum messages that aggressively push your website and your business. It's very easy to get a negative reputation for spamming on message boards, and once you're banned, it's hard to get people to take you seriously, even if you do open a new account. If you don't contribute to the discussion, people will consider you another forum spammer and will ignore your posts and your website.
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Secrets of Increased Website Traffic

Boost your traffic with insider tips. What are search engines looking for? In the beginning search engines were indeed very simple. It was all about keywords, now it is about so much more. Search engines got tired of being fooled by keyword stuffers.

Search engines have evolved over the years. Now it is much more difficult to fool those little spiders. If you want to achieve higher page rankings and get more traffic from the engines, give them what they are looking for "Real Content". Yes they are still looking for keywords, but don't over do it.

You can have just the right amount of keywords on a page. This is less than 1% of your main keyword for that page. For example, if your page had 200 words you should not use your main keyword for that page more than twice. Additionally, search engines will overlook pages with less than 125 words on it. They also give extra points if you use your main keyword in a text link.

Keep it real, search engines are looking for the most relevant content they can find about search term. Real information and lots of it, is like spider bait. Wiki the encyclopedia is a prime example of this. Have you ever wondered why Wiki shows up so often on so many searches? The answer is simple; they provide quality information and rank highly about many specific subjects.

Now that we understand the importance of content, it is equally important to understand the next biggie, human feed back. Yes, search engines have found a way to measure human reaction to your website. They measure how long a person stays at your site. The longer people stay, the better. If your site is crowded with advertising or flashing banners, more often than not, people leave in a hurry. If people find what they are looking for, they stay longer.

Human feedback is not limited to time spent however. The search engines want to see links. A link from a directory is a good link, because directories are human edited. It is in the best interest of the directory not to link to poor quality sites. If they accepted low quality sites, people would simply stop using their service.

So, directories are a good source of links. The more popular they are the more expensive they are, with the exception of DMOZ. The top directory, Yahoo, is the strongest link you can get and cost $299.00. But there are many that are quite reasonable and well respected directories to submit to.

Additionally, search engines are looking for out going links to other websites as well as inbound links coming from quality websites. More human feedback from other site owners is a stamp of approval. If you can achieve these things, the next step is turning your high traffic into profits.

In conclusion, Search Engines award traffic to those sites that make them look good to their advertisers. It is their job to provide the best quality and most relevant search results. If you give them what they want, you will get TRAFFIC!
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Things You Need To Know About Traffic Exchange

If you want to make a success out of your website, then you should learn about traffic exchange. What is traffic exchange? Traffic exchange is a kind of search engine optimization/marketing service that allows site owners to submit their websites to a certain directory. By placing their sites on the directory, owners earn traffic credits, especially when they view the sites and the advertisements of other web pages. This proves to be effective way to get web site traffic as when you view 2-3 sites, 10-15 people will be directed to your own site.

According to Yahoo Answers, traffic exchange programs already existed during the early days of the internet and they are proven to be effective. In these programs, traffic going to websites increase significantly as they create an exchange network. Traffic exchange programs however come in different forms (free and paid), and each program has its own set of rules depending on the niche.

Traffic exchange programs are helpful since they bring your ads to new frontiers which you may not have thought of conquering using your present techniques. Also, you are introduced to the opportunity of meeting other businesses and see what they have to offer. You would be able to gauge the competition between your sites, or find areas for partnerships and joint ventures. This also increases free blog traffic to your site.

Through traffic, you may also pick up how other businesses promote their goods and services, which you can use in advertising your own items. New ideas are very effective as they give you a more substantial reputation across the internet, and people would know that you have a lot to offer.

Since it is an exchange system, this program increases your web site traffic by building more exposure and enhances your image over the internet. Just like in regular businesses, your reputation matters even while online. You may even find your site listed on top lists, or recommended in chats and forums such as Yahoo Answers.

There are many different types of traffic exchange programs. Manual traffic exchange involves a person who would surf the site and click on the sites and advertisements manually. Unlike automated traffic exchange programs, manual traffic exchange tends to be more selective and niche oriented, thus you can get more targeted web site traffic.

Autosurf or automated traffic exchange programs meanwhile requires only a few clicks and the sites would then start scrolling. You get to accomplish getting more traffic faster, thus you also get blog traffic; however, you do not control the site visits and traffic is not targeted.

There's no best traffic exchange program to find, as this system is used based on your siteýs needs and preference, and how you plan to use them. Yahoo Answers may provide you a good list of reliable traffic exchange programs, as well as other forums related to traffic building techniques. But if you really want to focus on traffic exchange to get more web site traffic as well as blog traffic, then why not try a few traffic exchange programs from the list you can find? This can be your ticket towards becoming successful in the online business.

About the author: Cliff Posey, owner of CRP Marketing, owns and operates
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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Three effective ways to increase website traffic

So what's the perfect recipe for you to increase website traffic in your business site? If you happen to check the many websites and SEO sites dedicated to helping you get maximum readership, you will notice that there are a lot of tips and suggestions that are offered that promises to increase website traffic. But the question here is that, are these tips and suggestions truly helpful as way to increase website traffic? Well, the only test is to try out these tips and wait until these things increase website traffic. From there we can see if indeed these tips are A-okay or worth scrapping.

Here are three sure-fire ways to increase website traffic

If you want some sure-fire ways on how to increase website traffic, then some practitioners in the field suggest these three effective ways on how to increase website traffic and improve your standing on search engines like Google.

o What you can do is to writer better and specific copy link bait. The content of the copy that you post on the site is just the start of the game. It matters as well if you can create good tiles. The titles that you should use should be short and snappy and of course attention-grabbing. The title of the content should contain the keywords related to the topic, and this should come in naturally and should not look manipulated. Think of the titles as a way of advertising where you make promises and it delivers in the end. The body of the copy has a say on how to increase website traffic. Study as well the science of link baiting as a way to increase website traffic. See popular bookmarks to get the feel what people like and what they are linking to. When you do the body, use html lists and visuals as a way to break posts, bait readers and increase website traffic.

o Make it easy for people link to you, as a way to increase website traffic. This can be done by proving what readers want, and by gaining links. So how do you build links as a way to increase website traffic? Well, make sure that there are links coming from different sources. And the links are from trusted and authoritative sites. And the last tip is to see networking in a different light.

o Take advantage of networking as a way to increase website traffic. If done the right way, the building of contacts and friends online can bring good results to your site and the site of your contact. In the long run this will also increase website traffic on both your sites.

Always check for responsible ways to promote and increase website traffic

Networking is best done when you comment and participate on blogs within your niche. Get to know the people and the sites around you and thru this, it's possible that this will increase website traffic. More importantly you have to be generous by respecting your network. To increase website traffic, you need to do positive things to the network and let SEO sites like site fling help you increase website traffic.
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Increasing Your Website Traffic - Tips for the Beginner

One thing is true - a website without visitors is useless! You may have the most up-to-date, technologically advanced, standards compliant website ever developed, but without any visitors you may as well throw in the towel!

Visitors are the reason you created your website in the first place. Whether you are a global, multi-million dollar company providing information to your customers & investors, a nationwide bank offering online account management or a lonely affiliate marketer, your website was created for people to read it, use it or click ads on it.

Ok, so that's settled. Now on to the juicy bit. . . How do you get people to visit your site?

How to Increase Website Traffic

There are many ways to increase traffic to your website. Online advertising, public relations, newspaper advertising, television advertising, word of mouth, leaflets & flyers. . . the list goes on. There is only one problem - all these things cost money - and usually lots of it! The one exception is word of mouth, but for that to work you need people to have been on your website in the first place in order to pass the word on to other people. . . I'm thinking 'chicken' and 'egg'.

Another problem with these forms of advertising is that after paying out all that money, you have no guarantee of success. Your ad may be displayed in your local/national paper, but that is not to say anyone will actually go online and visit your site. You are risking a lot of money for what could be very little in return.

Thankfully, there is another way. . .

Another way visitors get to your website is through search engines. Search engines not only deliver a lot of traffic, but even better - targeted traffic!

Remember your ad in the newspaper? Remember how you had no guarantee anyone reading that newspaper would visit your website? Well, imagine instead, people using a search engine, actively searching for the service or products your company offers. The likelihood of these people clicking on your company website has increased hundredfold!

Just one more problem: They can only click on your website if it is listed high up in the search engine results. So that leads us to our next question. . . How do you get your website listed high up in the search engine results?

Simple. Links! Links, links and more links! There are, of course, other factors involved, but seeing as this is an article for beginners, lets just stick with the basics.

Links are the single most important thing a website can have in order to rank highly in the search engines. Without them, it is unlikely your site will be indexed at all - never mind high up!

So, how do you go about getting these links? Well, there are many ways - but those tips are for another article. Suffice to say, you need a lot of them & it takes a lot of time. Time much better spent concentrating on other areas of your business.
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Get More Website Traffic Through Link Building

Want to get more website traffic? Easy! Build more links. A common question I see asked over and over, however, is specifically how to get more links to a site. There are tons of answers to this and hundreds of ways to link build.

Some link building methods take lots of time, some create mediocre links, and others have just the right combination of quality link building for the time invested.

In this post, we’ll cover just a few of the leveraged link building techniques that I’ve used. When I say leveraged link building, these are not necessarily the best links to acquire, but they’re either fairly easy to get, or they maximize time you’re spending anyway. Add them to your arsenal as you see fit.

1. Build more, quality, linkable content. I’m sure you’ve heard the term "linkbait." Linkbait is website content that tends to attract links. It often is characterized by flashy headlines, resource lists, or controversial subjects. That’s one way to create content that will attract links.

But, I’m actually talking about going beyond that here. Simply creating a useful resource that provides good information can go a long way to attracting links. And, you put a page up once and promote it a little, and it continues to attract links.

2. Comment on other people’s blogs and forums. If you comment on 2 blogs a day, and you make 5 posts each on 2 forums every week, then at the end of the week, you’ll have 24 new links per week. That’s over 1200 links per year that you wouldn’t have had if you didn’t do this. Even if you only do 1/4 of that, that’s 300 links per year added on.

I’m sure you can comment on one blog or make one forum post a day (with a link in your signature). If you do just one per day, that’s 365 additional links per year, and you’re sure to get more website traffic from it.

3. Set up a Tumblr account. In addition to an easy to use blog that you can link to your site, you can put your RSS feed on Tumblr. Whenever you update your blog or RSS feed it republishes the snippet on Tumblr and gives you a link. If you have 300 pages on your site, then you have 300 links with no extra work on your part.

4. Create a blog on Blogger or WordPress and point that back to your site. If you put a link to your site in the blogroll, then every page that has the blogroll on it will link back to your site. You can sign up with the Unique Article Wizard and use the Wizard to automatically build the blog for you. If you add 200 pages to the blog, that’s 200 links back to your site with minimal effort on your part.

5. Submit your RSS feed to RSS directories like Some of the RSS directories will republish your feed snippets and create a link each time you post. Submit to 20 of these and you get 20 new links each time you create a page. Create 1 page per week and that’s 20 links per week x 52 weeks = 1040 additional links per year.

6. Submit your blog to blog carnivals. Blog carnivals take submissions based on topic and put them all in one blog a few times a year. It only takes a few minutes to submit your posts. These come and go but if you submit to 100 of these per year, that’s another 100 links and you’ll also get more website traffic as direct traffic from the carnivals…

7. Submit your articles to American Chronicle. They replicate your articles across all 21 sites they own. So, you get an author link for each article in their side bar, plus whatever you put in the body of the article. I usually put 2 links. So, I get 3 links per article x 21 sites = 63 links per article. Submit 1 article per week and that’s 63 links x 52 weeks = 3276 links per year. If you’re doing article marketing anyway, it’s pretty easy to craft the article for AC and post it.

I’ve used all of these methods and they work. I’m sure you can find some creative ways to combine some of these for even better effectiveness as well.
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Monday, May 11, 2009

Website Traffic Tips By Zal Dacapan

Hey, if you've made it down this far in my blog page, I commend you.

Here is where I am going to spill some secrets about how to get website traffic.

So, your next question for me is probably.....

"Well Chris, where do I start? What networks do I need to go to in order to get exposure and mounds of traffic like you say?"

Here's a short list of some websites that I use to rank high on google:





Now I'm sure you are familiar with these websites, aswell you should be. However I don't believe you know how to use them properly for driving thousands of visitors to your websites each day. (for free)
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The 4 Most Important Tips to Increase Website Traffic

The Increase Website Traffic Tips revealed here in this article are so basic, you’ll kick yourself for not knowing them sooner.

So here are what I consider the 4 most important tips that will increase website traffic for you:

1- Picking a niche that has a lot of interest.

The right niche is important a niche topic that is already getting a lot of traffic. Many marketers gravitate towards the “IM Niche” but there’s far less traffic in that niche than there is in the “real world”, where people are searching for celebrity news, gossip, rumors, scandal, sports, medical maladies etc…

So picking a topic that is already getting large volumes of traffic is a sure-fire way to divert some of that pre-existing traffic to your sites.

#2 and #3 - Have a good marriage.

Yes, be happily married by having your on-page optimization helping out the off-page optimization factors that affect how much traffic you could be getting with higher rankings in the search engines.

On-page optimization means building your site the right way and it’s very important because your off-page optimization and external influences will not be that effective is your site design is self-limited.

By off-page factors I mean 2 things, the first being what was written in part 1, that there has to be a pre-existing amount of heavy traffic going to sites in order to get some of it for yourself. The other way to increase website traffic via off-page optimization factors is getting people to link back to your site naturally, and the best way to do that is to write good content.

#4 - The best way to attain and increase website traffic is to write good content and to engage with your site visitors.

I know it sounds like a lot of work, but creating good content is really the best way to get traffic from other sites because other people in your niche have the responsibility of providing their readers with good information, so if you have good content on your sites, then you’ve made their job a lot easier.

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Article Source: Increase Website Traffic

One more tip: If you RE-publish an EzineArticle’s article that YOU wrote on your site (like I did here see above), don’t just link to it like everyone else does by leaving straight text link. Instead, put anchor text behind the link before publishing your republished article.
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Three simple actions that doubled my website traffic in 30 days

The following post on how to increase website traffic was submitted by Adrian W Kingsley-Hughes.

I started the PC Doctor blog in May of 2005 and for the first few months my traffic was really low - down in the few hundreds of visitors a day. It was pretty depressing I can tell you and there were times when I thought about quitting. I knew that the site was in the Google ’sandbox’ and so I either had to keep on plugging at it until it was out or I had to give up.

Fortunately, I decided to keep on posting but in the interim I decided that I was also going to do my utmost to drive traffic to my site manually until Google kicked in. I took a look around at what some of the successful blogs were doing and came up with three tactics that helped to double my website traffic in a month.

First, I made the most of Technorati tags. I tagged every key word in each of my posts. Initially I did this manually but them I discovered a WordPress plugin called SimpleTags that made the job a whole lot easier. I found that by tagging my post effectively they were getting a lot more attention then their untagged counterparts, and as an added advantage I was getting focused, quality traffic to the site!
I leveraged my existing website. I’ve been running my business website for a few years and that was getting modest levels of traffic that was relevant to my blog - so why not try to drive some of that to my new blog! I placed a few FeedBurner headline animator blocks on some of my most popular pages and after a day or so I noticed a significant increase in traffic for 5 minutes worth of work on my part.
Finally, I made effective use of trackback links to popular sites. If I commented on a post on another site I would make sure that I set up the appropriate trackback for it. The results from this are varied depending on the site and post that you are linking to but since I liked to comment and interact with the wider blogosphere anyway, it was free traffic!
Using these three simple techniques, I took The PC Doctor blog from a few hundred hits a day into the thousands in less than 30 days. This kept my interest in the site until it came out of the Google sandbox and I started to receiver some serious traffic. However, I’m convinced that these actions I took at the early stages have helped me create a loyal and targeted readership that continues to benefit my blog today.
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More Website Traffic: 5 Surefire Tips

Author: Phil Lancaster
Here are five surefire tips to increase your website traffic:

1. Writing articles is a win-win-win situation. The ezine editor gets content, the reader gets valuable information and you get backlinks. And it`s not hard, just tedious. Go through everything you`ve written down as part of creating your website and, if applicable, producing your product. This is your area of expertise and others will benefit from it. And it`s original. Highlight separate topics and bring like topics together. Associate relevant keywords with each topic. Pick a keyword and write a headline based on it. Use three to five relevant topics as your content. Finish off with a resource box like mine at the end of this article. Rinse and repeat until you`ve got several articles. To get more website traffic, submit them to article directories with high Google PR and low Alexa Rank. You can see a list of these at the Traffic Floodgate website under Best Directories.

2. Create an account at trial fire. Find four other sites, blogs or articles on the same or a similar topic as yours, but who are not direct competitors, and link them and your site together in a trail. Include your best keywords in each review. Google loves these fire trails and with luck will rank yours highly for your chosen keywords.

3. An oldie but still a goodie. Create several unique (very important you will get deleted if they are the same or even too similar you might even need to create separate accounts) advertisements at
craigs list
across different regions in the Small Business category, using your best keyword as the anchor text linking back to your site. Craigslist has a Google Page Rank of a whopping 8!

4. Every time you create a website, you should add a Wordpress blog to it. If you`re using cPanel, it`s a very simple process. Click on Fantastico, then select Wordpress blog, new installation and follow the simple process through. Do a Google search on Wordpress theme (free if you like) pick one that appeals and follow the instructions to change the theme. If you don`t, your blog will look like a million others. And what to post to your blog? Why, the articles you wrote in Tip 1. Try to post one a week, and watch your traffic go up.

5. Include a keyword based anchor text link back to your website in every blog entry plus keyword tags. Tempt your blog visitors with a free e-book or other valuable information. Make sure that tehcnorati is included in your blog`s ping list. (Click on Options:Writing:Update Services to maintain your Ping List.) Then when you post, the Technorati spider will list your blog post on their huge PR8 site under each of your tags.

Future articles will expand on each of the topics covered in this article as well as introduce new ones, all with the single purpose of getting more website traffic for you.

Article Source: click here
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Different Tips to Increase Website Traffic.

Many newcomers want to know different ways to increase website traffic so that their business website can let them earn the desired profit.


PRLog (Press Release) – May 02, 2009 – Many newcomers want to know different ways to increase website traffic so that their business website can let them earn the desired profit. The search engines are already filled with different sites relating to any particular topic. And above that every day new sites are getting added to them. So the user in search of any information will definitely find many options but the site that will offer them the best guideline will rank high in the list in the search engine.

This way the traffic creation increases and the number of hits also improves. So the first vital tip is that try to put informative and valid contents so that user satisfaction is optimum. You have to be special in your own way because the online market is full of severe competition and surviving here is not easy.

Put the right plans to action

You have to get the answers for some questions like the ways through which the users are searching the products and services you are trading. Know the sites that are in a winning situation for the search items and try to evaluate the reasons for such. Now you must know the searches that you can possibly win. If you can analyze these points then you will be able to find the ways of optimizing the website visits. Before you want to increase website traffic it is always better to read the books on search engine optimization by eminent authors who can their share their years of experience for your benefit.

Now coming to some simple tips always remember that the users always place their searches in the most favored and popular search engines. So you have to put your websites in the famous search engines like Google, MSN, Yahoo, Ask and many others. The keywords play a great role in search engine optimization so you have to take the help of the different tools that will guide you in choosing the right keyword for your site. Placing the links or backlinks in correct way is another secret to increase website traffic.
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Saturday, May 9, 2009

How to Build a High-Traffic Web Site (or Blog)

Since posting my 2005 traffic figures recently, I’ve received many questions about how I was able to start this web site from scratch and build its traffic to over 700,000 visitors per month (Jan 2006 projection) in about 15 months — without spending any money on marketing or promotion. Building a high-traffic web site was my intention from the very beginning, so I don’t think this result was accidental.

My traffic-building strategy isn’t based on tricks or techniques that will go out of style. It’s mainly about providing genuine value and letting word of mouth do the rest. Sadly, this makes me something of a contrarian today, since I happen to disagree with much of what I’ve seen written about traffic-building elsewhere. I do virtually no marketing for this site at all. My visitors do it for me, not because I trick them into doing it but simply because they want to.

Here are 10 of my best suggestions for building a high traffic web site:

1. Create valuable content.

Is your content worthy of being read by millions of people? Remember that the purpose of content is to provide value to others. Do you provide genuine value, and is it the best you’re capable of providing?

When I sit down to write, I sometimes imagine myself standing on an outdoor concert stage before an audience of a million people. Then I ask myself, “What shall I say to this audience of fellow human beings?” If a million people each spend five minutes on this site, that’s nearly 10 person-years total. I do my best to make my writing worthy of this differential. I don’t always succeed, but this is the mindset that helps me create strong content.

Think about the effect you want your writing to have on people. Since I write about personal growth, I want my writing to change people for the better. I want to expand people’s thinking, to raise their consciousness, and to help them eliminate fear from their lives. If my writing doesn’t change people’s thinking, actions, or awareness, then my value isn’t being transferred well enough.

When you focus on providing real value instead of churning out disposable content, your readers will notice. And they’ll refer others to your site — in droves. I typically see at least 10 new links to my site appearing each day (mostly via trackbacks but also via vanity feeds). I’m not going out and requesting those links — other bloggers just provide them, usually because they’re commenting on something I’ve written. Many fellow bloggers have also honored with a general recommendation for the entire site, not just links to my individual blog posts. It’s wonderful to see that kind of feedback.

Strong content is universally valued. It’s hard work to create it, but in the long run it generates lots of long-term referral traffic. I’d rather write one article I’m really proud of than 25 smaller posts. It’s been my experience that the best articles I write will outperform all the forgettable little posts I’ve made. Quality is more important than quantity. Quantity without quality, however, is easier, which is one reason so many people use that strategy. Ultimately, however, the Internet already contains more quantity than any one of us can absorb in our lifetimes, but there will always be a place for good quality content that stands out from the crowd.

If you have nothing of genuine value to offer to a large audience, then you have no need of a high-traffic web site. And if there’s no need for it, you probably won’t get it. Each time you write, focus on creating the best content you can. You’ll get better as you go along, but always do your best. I’ve written some 2000–word articles and then deleted them without posting them because I didn’t feel they were good enough.

2. Create original content.

Virtually everything on this site is my own original content. I rarely post blog entries that merely link to what others are writing. It takes more effort to produce original content, but it’s my preferred long-term strategy. I have no interest in creating a personal development portal to other sites. I want this site to be a final destination, not a middleman.

Consequently, when people arrive here, they often stick around for a while. Chances are good that if you like one of my articles, you may enjoy others. This site now has hundreds of them to choose from. You can visit the articles section to read my (longer) feature articles or the blog archives to see an easy-to-navigate list of all my blog entries since the site launched.

Yes, there’s a lot to read on this site, more than most people can read in a day, but there’s also a lot of value (see rule #1). Some people have told me they’ve read for many hours straight, and they leave as different people. I think anyone who reads this site for several hours straight is going to experience a shift in awareness. When you read a lot of dense, original content from a single person, it’s going to have an impact on you. And this content is written with the intention to help you grow.

Although I’m not big on competing with others, it’s hard to compete with an original content site. Anyone can start their own personal development web site, but the flavor of this site is unique simply because no one else has had the exact same experiences as me.

While I think sites that mainly post content from others have the potential to build traffic faster in the beginning, I think original content sites have an easier time keeping their traffic, which makes for a more solid, long-term foundation. Not everyone is going to like my work, but for those that do, there’s no substitute.

3. Create timeless content.

While I do occasionally write about time-bound events, the majority of my content is intended to be timeless. I’m aware that anything I write today may still be read by people even after I’m dead. People still quote Aristotle today because his ideas have timeless value, even though he’s been dead for about 2300 years. I think about how my work might influence future generations in addition to my own. What advice shall I pass on to my great grandchildren?

I tend to ignore fads and current events in my writing. Wars, natural disasters, and corrupt politicians have been with us for thousands of years. There are plenty of others who are compelled to write about those things, so I’ll leave that coverage to them.

Will the content you’re creating today still be providing real value in the year 2010? 2100? 4000?

Writing for future generations helps me cut through the fluff and stay focused on the core of my message, which is to help people grow. As long as there are people (even if our bodies are no longer strictly biological), there will be the opportunity for growth, so there’s a chance that at least some of what I’m creating today will still have relevance. And if I can write something that will be relevant to future generations, then it will certainly be relevant and meaningful today.

In terms of traffic building, timeless content connects with people at a deeper level than time-bound content. The latter is meant to be forgotten, while the former is meant to be remembered. We forget yesterday’s news, but we remember those things that have meaning to us. So I strive to write about meanings instead of happenings.

Even though we’re conditioned to believe that news and current events are important, in the grand scheme of things, most of what’s covered by the media is trivial and irrelevant. Very little of today’s news will even be remembered next week, let alone a hundred years from now. Certainly some events are important, but at least 99% of what the media covers is irrelevant fluff when viewed against the backdrop of human history.

Ignore the fluff, and focus on building something with the potential to endure. Write for your children and grandchildren.

4. Write for human beings first, computers second.

A lot has been written about the optimal strategies for strong search engine rankings in terms of posting frequency and post length. But I largely ignore that advice because I write for human beings, not computers.

I write when I have something meaningful to say, and I write as much as it takes to say it. On average I post about five times per week, but I have no set quota. I also write much longer entries than most bloggers. No one has ever accused me of being too brief. My typical blog entry is about 1500–2000 words, and some (like this one) are much longer. Many successful bloggers would recommend I write shorter entries (250–750 words) and post more frequently (20x per week), since that creates more search engine seeds for the same amount of writing. And while I agree with them that such a strategy would generate more search engine traffic, I’m not going to take their advice. To do so would interfere too much with my strategy of delivering genuine value and creating timeless content. I have no interest in cranking out small chunks of disposable content just to please a computer. Anyone can print out an article to read later if they don’t have time to read it now and if the subject is of genuine interest to them. Part of the reason I write longer articles is that even though fewer people will take the time to read them, for those that do the articles are usually much more impactful.

Because of these decisions, my search engine traffic is fairly low compared to other bloggers. Google is my #1 referrer, but it accounts for less than 1.5% of my total traffic. My traffic is extremely decentralized. The vast majority of it comes from links on thousands of other web sites and from direct requests. Ultimately, my traffic grows because people tell other people about this site, either online or offline. I’ve also done very well with social bookmarking sites like,, and because they’re based on personal recommendations. I’ve probably had about a dozen articles hit the popular list within the past year, definitely more than my fair share.

I prefer this traffic-building strategy because it leaves me less vulnerable to shifts in technology. I figure that Google ultimately wants to make it easy for its visitors to find valuable content, so my current strategy should be in alignment with Google’s long-term strategy. My feeling is that Google would be well-served by sending more of its traffic here. But that alignment simply arises from my focus on providing value first and foremost.

5. Know why you want a high-traffic site.

I write because my purpose in life is to help people become more conscious and aware — to grow as human beings. I don’t have a separate job or career other than this. Because my work is driven by this purpose, I have a compelling reason to build a high-traffic web site, one that aligns with my deepest personal values. More web traffic means I can have a bigger impact by reaching more people. And over the course of the next few decades, this influence has the potential to create a positive change that might alter the future direction of human civilization. Most significantly, I want to help humanity move past fear and for us to stop relating to each other through the mechanisms of fear. If I fail, I fail. But I’m not giving up no matter how tough it gets.

Those are big stakes, and it might sound like I’m exaggerating, but this is the level at which I think about my work today. Everything else I do, including building a high traffic web site, is simply a means to that end. Today I’m just planting seeds, and most of them haven’t even sprouted yet. A high traffic web site is just one of the sprouts that came about as a result of pursuing the purpose that drives me. But it is not an end in itself.

What will you do if you succeed in building a high-traffic web site? If you someday find yourself in the privileged position of being able to influence millions of people, what will you say to them? Will you honor and respect this position by using it as a channel to serve the highest good of all, or will you throw that opportunity away to pursue your own fleeting fame and fortune while feeding your audience disposable drivel?

Although I launched this web site in October 2004, I’ve been writing articles since 1999, and feedback has allowed me to understand how small slices of my writing have affected certain people in the long run. After reading something I’ve written, people have quit their jobs, started their own businesses, changed religions, and ended relationships. While some people might find this level of impact ego-gratifying, for me it intensifies my feeling of personal responsibility for my writing. I’ve seen that I’m able to have an impact on people, so I damned well better make it a good one.

This “why” is what drives me. It’s what compels me to go to my computer and write something at 3am and not stop until 10am. I get inspired often. The #1 reason I want more traffic is that it will allow me to help more people. That’s where I direct my ambition for this site, and consequently I’m extremely motivated, which certainly plays a key role in taking action.

6. Let your audience see the real you.

My life and my writing are intricately intertwined, such that it’s impossible to separate the two. When someone reads this web site, they’ll eventually come to know a great deal about me as a person. Usually this creates a skewed and inaccurate impression of who I am today because I change a lot over time — I’m not the same person I was last year — but it’s close enough. Getting to know me makes it easier for people to understand the context of what I write, which means that more value can be transferred in less time.

I’ve told many personal stories on this site, including my most painful and difficult experiences. I don’t do this to be gratuitous but rather because those stories help make a point — that no matter where you find yourself today, you always have the opportunity to grow in some small way, and no matter how small those changes are, they’re going to add up over time to create massive lifelong growth. That’s a lesson we all need to remember.

When I find ways to turn some of my darkest experiences into lessons that might help others in similar situations, it actually transforms those painful memories into joyful ones. They take on new meaning for me, and I can see that there was a positive reason I had to endure such experiences, one that ultimately serves the highest good of all. Oddly, I now find that it was my darkest times that help create the most light for others.

With respect to privacy, I don’t really care much for it. I do respect other people’s right to privacy, so when people tell me personal stories via email, I don’t turn around and re-post them to my blog. But I’m OK with being rather un-private myself. The need for privacy comes from the desire to protect the ego, which is a fear-driven desire, and fear is something I just don’t need in my life. My attitude is that it’s perfectly OK to fail or to be rejected publicly. Trying to appear perfect is nothing but a house of cards that will eventually collapse.

I think allowing people to know the real me makes it possible to build a relationship with my audience that’s based on intimacy and friendship. I dislike seeing people putting me on too much of a pedestal and using labels like “guru” or “overachiever.” Such labels create distance which makes communication harder. They emphasize our differences instead of our similarities. Communication between equals — between friends — is more effective.

More genuine communication means better connections with your audience, which means more repeat traffic and more referral traffic. This isn’t a manipulative game though, and excessive or overly dramatic self-disclosure for the purpose of linkbaiting will only backfire. Your reasons for storytelling must be to benefit your audience. The traffic benefits are a positive side effect.

7. Write what is true for you, and learn to live with the consequences.

If the stuff I’ve written on this site means I’ll never be able to run for a political office, I can live with that. I’m willing to write what is true for me, even if it goes against my social conditioning. Being honest is more important to me than being popular. But the irony is that because bold honesty is so rare among civilized humans, in the long run this may be the best traffic-building strategy of all.

People often warn me not to write things that might alienate a portion of my visitors. But somehow I keep doing the opposite and seeing traffic go up, not down. I don’t treat any subjects as taboo or sacred if they’re relevant to personal growth, and that includes diet and religion. It’s no secret that I’m a vegan ex-Catholic. Do I alienate people when I say that torturing and killing defenseless animals for food is wrong? Perhaps. But truth is truth. I happen to think it’s a bad idea to feed cows cement dust and bovine growth hormone, to pack live chickens into warehouses where the ammonia from their feces is strong enough to burn their skin off, and to feed 70% of our grain to livestock while tens of thousands of people die of hunger each day. I also think it’s a bad idea to pay people to perform these actions on my behalf. It really doesn’t matter to me that 999 people out of 1000 disagree with me. Your disagreement with me doesn’t change what went into producing your burger. It’s still a diseased, tortured, chemical-injected cow, one that was doomed to a very sad life because of a decision you made. And you’re still responsible for your role in that cow’s suffering whether you like it or not.

That last paragraph is a good example of the kind of stuff I write that makes people want to put me in a cage, inject me with hormones, and feed me cement dust. It wouldn’t surprise me terribly if that ends up being my fate.

I write what is true for me, regardless of public opinion. Sometimes I’m in the majority; sometimes I’m not. I’m fully aware that some of my opinions are unpopular, and I’m absolutely fine with that. What I’m not fine with is putting truth to a vote.

I take the time to form my own opinions instead of simply regurgitating what I was taught as a child. And I’m also well aware that there are people spending billions of dollars to make you think that a burger is not a very sad, diseased, tortured, chemical-injected cow. But I’m going to keep writing to help you remain aware of things like that, even though you may hate me for it. That defensiveness eventually leads to doubt, which leads to change and growth, so it’s perfectly fine. I’m good at dealing with defensiveness.

I don’t worry too much about hurting people’s feelings. Hurt feelings are a step in the right direction for many people. If I’m able to offend you so easily, to me that means you already recognize some truth in what I’ve written, but you aren’t ready to face it consciously yet. If you read something from me that provokes an emotional reaction, then a seed has already been planted. In other words, it’s already too late for you.

My goal isn’t to convince anyone of anything in particular. I’m not an animal rights activist, and I don’t have a religion to promote. My goal is to awaken people to living more consciously. This requires raising people’s awareness across all facets of their lives, so they can make the big decisions for themselves. It requires breaking social conditioning and replacing it with conscious awareness and intention. That’s a big job, but someone has to do it. And if I don’t do it, then I have to admit I’m just part of the problem like all the other hibernating bears.

A lot has been written about the importance of transparency in blogging, and truth is the best transparency of all. Truth creates trust, and trust builds traffic. No games, no gimmicks… just plain old brutal honesty. Even the people that say they hate you will still come back, and eventually those people will become your most ardent supporters. Even if they don’t agree with you, they’ll learn they can trust you and that your intentions are honorable, and trust is more important than agreement.

8. Treat your visitors like real human beings.

Even though I’m sitting at my computer writing this, seemingly alone, I know you’re a real human being reading it on the other end. My apologies to sentient androids who may be reading this years after it’s been written. You aren’t just a number in my web stats. Despite the technology involved and the time-space differential between my writing and your reading, there’s still a human-to-human connection between us that transcends time and space. And that connection matters to me. I feel its presence whenever I do my best writing.

While I imagine being on a stage in front of a million people when deciding which topic to write about, once I actually get going, I imagine having a one-on-one conversation with a friend. This means revealing some of myself and being honest, as the last two points already addressed, but it also means genuinely caring about you as a person. And that’s perhaps one of the best kept secrets of my success as a blogger. I actually care about helping you grow. I want you to become more conscious and aware. I want you to experience less fear in your life. And my concern for your well-being isn’t conditional upon you liking me.

I happen to think we have a lot more similarities than differences. Based on what I know about myself, I imagine you’d like your life to be better tomorrow than it was yesterday. I imagine you’d like to be happier, more fulfilled, and more at peace with yourself. I also imagine you’re living below your potential and could use some help overcoming fear and solving certain problems to enable you to tap more of that potential. And finally, I imagine you wouldn’t believe me if I said you can have it all for only $19.95 (as well you shouldn’t).

The reason I work so hard to create original content and then give it away for free is because I want to help as many people as possible. I genuinely care what happens to this beautiful planet and to the people who live here. It’s possible I actually value your life even more than you do. This is the kind of motivation that never wanes. I sometimes lose sight of it when I get caught up in the details, but the connection is always there, waiting for me to tap into it whenever I want. This provides me with a wellspring of creative ideas and an inexhaustible passion for contribution.

I don’t need to play stupid marketing and sales games with you. There’s nothing for you to buy here. Even if I add some products in the future, I’m not going to try to manipulate you into buying something you don’t need with a slew of false promises. I might make more money in the short-term by doing that, but it would sever our genuine connection, create a wall between us, and reduce the level of impact I’m able to have. Ultimately, that approach would lead to failure for me, at least in terms of how I define success. I can’t help you grow if I violate your trust.

I cannot force anyone to grow who doesn’t want to. But there are a lot of people on this planet who are now ready to let go of low-awareness living and start pushing themselves to the next level of human existence. And they need help to get there because it’s a difficult journey, and there are strong forces working against it.

Real human beings helping real human beings is ultimately what traffic growth is all about. That’s precisely what a link or a referral is. If you align yourself with the intention of genuinely helping people because you care, you’ll soon find yourself with an abundance of traffic.

9. Keep money in its proper place.

Money is important. Obviously I have bills to pay. Money pays for my computer, my high-speed internet connection, my house, and my food. I just returned yesterday from a vacation that money paid for. My wife and I had a great time partly because we didn’t have to worry about money at all on the trip. We did everything we wanted to do without being hampered by a lack of funds. And this web site paid for it.

It’s important that I generate some money from my work, but it’s not necessary that I extract every possible dollar. In fact, relative to its traffic levels, I’m seriously under-monetizing this site. But money is only a means to an end, not an end in itself. Making a positive contribution to the world is a lot more important to me than money. Money can be useful in achieving this objective, but human relationships are far more important. The funny thing is that the less I rely on money, the more of it I seem to have.

I’m already making more money than I need to pay my bills, and my income from this site keeps going up each month. If I simply keep doing what I’m doing, I’ll probably end up becoming fairly wealthy. But money is an extremely weak motivator for me. Very little of what I do today has a profit motive behind it except to the extent that money will fuel more important goals. That tends to confuse certain people because some of my decisions align with earning money, but many don’t. While I do consider myself an entrepreneur (at least it’s less isolating than “guru”), I only see money as a tool for enhancing and expanding my contribution.

While many entrepreneurs pursue money for the purpose of becoming wealthy, I chose a different route. I sought to earn money for the purpose of increasing my freedom. I don’t want to get myself stuck in a pattern of working for money, so I’m constantly turning down opportunities to make money that would restrict my freedom. For example, I don’t do any consulting or coaching. Consequently, my calendar contains very few fixed appointments. This doesn’t mean I’m idle. It just means I spend my time doing what I freely choose to do instead of what others would have me do. I require this level of flexibility to do my best work.

By paying close attention to how I earn money and not just how much I earn, I keep money in its proper place. This allows me to stay focused on my purpose without getting wrapped up in less important concerns like building a brand, closing sales, or doing phony marketing.

I dislike it when other people use one-dimensional sales and marketing tactics on me, so I avoid using these techniques on this site. I’ve sort of unplugged myself from the current capitalistic system and set up a side system of my own that I find much more congruent with conscious living. I would love for other people to have the same level of freedom I enjoy each day. I’m sure I’ll continue to improve my approach over time, but it’s working wonderfully so far. Imagine having a business with no products, no inventory, no sales, and no customers, but still generating an abundant positive cashflow.

Since the income generation is largely on autopilot, I can focus my time and energy on creating content instead of on doing marketing or trying to sell something. And being able to devote so much time to content creation without worrying how I’ll pay my bills makes it a lot easier to build high traffic.

Some business models make it very challenging to build traffic. You have to spend a lot of time and energy just on lead generation, and then maybe you try to monetize those leads by selling a product or service. It’s always an uphill struggle.

I give all my best content away for free. Word of mouth does the rest. So my traffic building strategy is more like flowing downstream. It hasn’t been a struggle for me at all. And once you have sufficient traffic, it isn’t that hard to monetize it without becoming an ogre.

We’ve all heard the expression, “Build a better mousetrap, and they’ll come.” And we’ve also heard marketing and sales people say that this is just plain wrong — you have to market and sell that mousetrap effectively too. I say they’re all wrong. My approach is the equivalent of, “Build a better mousetrap and give it away for free, and they’ll come — and they’ll bring friends too.”

10. If you forget the first nine suggestions, just focus on genuinely helping people, and the rest will take care of itself.

One thing that turns me off about typical self-help marketing is that authors and speakers often position themselves as if they’re the opposite of their audience. I’m successful and you’re not. I’m rich and you’re not. I’m fit and you’re not. You need me because something is lacking in your life, I have exactly what you lack, and if you pay me (and make me even richer and you poorer), I’ll show you how you can have it too. And if it doesn’t work for you, it just means you’re even more of an idiot than the people who provided my testimonials.

I’m sure you’ve heard this sort of nonsense many times before.

All of this I’ve-arrived-and-you-haven’t stuff is stupid. It suggests that life is about destinations and that once you’ve arrived, you’re done growing and can just relax and sip fruity drinks for the rest of your life. But there’s more to life than border crossings. If you go from single to married or from non-millionaire to millionaire, that’s fine and dandy. Crossing the border into parenthood was a big one for me. But that’s only one day of my life, and to be honest, I didn’t have much control over it except for a decision made nine-months earlier (and it seemed like a pretty attractive idea at the time). What about all those other days though?

Growing as a human being is something I work on daily. I’m deeply passionate about my own growth, so naturally I want to share this part of the journey with others. If I start marketing myself with the “I’m successful and you’re not approach,” I hope someone will come put me out of my misery, since that would mean I’m done growing and ready to die. I don’t expect to ever be done growing as long as I exist as a human being. There are always new distinctions to be made and new experiences to enjoy. And yes… plenty of mistakes to be made as well.

One of the great benefits of focusing on helping others is that it gets fear out of the way. Without fear you become free to just be yourself. You’re able to take intelligent risks and remain detached from any specific outcome because the journey is more important to you than the specific stops along the way. Personally it’s not the destinations that excite me but rather the unfolding process of discovery. I love the anticipation of wondering what lies around each new bend.

If we are to help each other, we need to be partners in the pursuit of growth, not opponents. So it makes no sense to put up fake walls between us. The ego needs walls to protect it, but if we can get past the fear-based needs of the ego, we’ll make a lot more progress.

There are plenty of things I could do with this site that would make me more money or grow traffic faster in the short-term, but I won’t do them because they’ll just put more distance between us. I’ll be on my side, you’ll be on your side, and we’ll each be slightly afraid of the other. I’ll be worried that maybe you won’t buy what I’m selling, and you’ll be worried about getting ripped off or taken advantage of. We’ll just be drinking yet another round of fear, which is exactly the opposite of what we need to grow.

One of my biggest challenges in life right now is figuring out how to help enough people switch their primary polarization from fear to love. Our emotions are an energy source for us (they drive our actions), and most of the world is still driven by fear energy. Watching TV news is a good example; we can actually feel energized by watching others suffer. Hurting animals is another example; we eat their fear for breakfast. But there’s another fuel for human consciousness, and perhaps the best way to describe it is unconditional love. This isn’t the squishy emotion of romantic love — it’s a sense of connection to everything that exists and a desire to serve the highest good of all. Unconditional love, when it becomes one’s primary fuel, cultivates fearlessness. In this state you still have the biological fight-or-flight response, but you aren’t driven by emotional worries like fear of failure or fear of rejection. You feel perfectly safe regardless of external circumstances. And when you have this feeling of unconditional safety, you’re truly free to be yourself, to embrace new experiences, and to grow at a very fast pace.

Personal growth is not a zero-sum game. If you grow as a human being, it doesn’t harm me. In fact, ultimately if all of us grow as individuals, it’s going to make this whole planet better for everyone. When enough people switch their primary polarization from fear to unconditional love, this planet will become a true paradise. That’s a good thing for all of us, one that’s more important than all the money in the world.

Perhaps you have a less ambitious goal for building web traffic than raising human consciousness and working towards world peace. That doesn’t matter. You can still make helping others your primary focus, and if you do that, you’ll find it relatively easy to build a high-traffic web site. If you align yourself with serving the highest good of all, you’ll receive plenty of help along the way, and best of all, you’ll deserve it.

Do your best to help your visitors out of genuine concern for their well-being, and they’ll help you build your traffic and even generate a nice income from it. It’s as simple as that.

Final thoughts

Building a high-traffic is incredibly difficult if you’ve never done it before. These tips really only scratch the surface of what you need to know to succeed. Since writing this article, I found an alternative suggestion for those who find it very challenging to build substantial traffic and income online. Please check out Build Your Own Successful Online Business for details.
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