Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Get More Website Traffic Through Link Building

Want to get more website traffic? Easy! Build more links. A common question I see asked over and over, however, is specifically how to get more links to a site. There are tons of answers to this and hundreds of ways to link build.

Some link building methods take lots of time, some create mediocre links, and others have just the right combination of quality link building for the time invested.

In this post, we’ll cover just a few of the leveraged link building techniques that I’ve used. When I say leveraged link building, these are not necessarily the best links to acquire, but they’re either fairly easy to get, or they maximize time you’re spending anyway. Add them to your arsenal as you see fit.

1. Build more, quality, linkable content. I’m sure you’ve heard the term "linkbait." Linkbait is website content that tends to attract links. It often is characterized by flashy headlines, resource lists, or controversial subjects. That’s one way to create content that will attract links.

But, I’m actually talking about going beyond that here. Simply creating a useful resource that provides good information can go a long way to attracting links. And, you put a page up once and promote it a little, and it continues to attract links.

2. Comment on other people’s blogs and forums. If you comment on 2 blogs a day, and you make 5 posts each on 2 forums every week, then at the end of the week, you’ll have 24 new links per week. That’s over 1200 links per year that you wouldn’t have had if you didn’t do this. Even if you only do 1/4 of that, that’s 300 links per year added on.

I’m sure you can comment on one blog or make one forum post a day (with a link in your signature). If you do just one per day, that’s 365 additional links per year, and you’re sure to get more website traffic from it.

3. Set up a Tumblr account. In addition to an easy to use blog that you can link to your site, you can put your RSS feed on Tumblr. Whenever you update your blog or RSS feed it republishes the snippet on Tumblr and gives you a link. If you have 300 pages on your site, then you have 300 links with no extra work on your part.

4. Create a blog on Blogger or WordPress and point that back to your site. If you put a link to your site in the blogroll, then every page that has the blogroll on it will link back to your site. You can sign up with the Unique Article Wizard and use the Wizard to automatically build the blog for you. If you add 200 pages to the blog, that’s 200 links back to your site with minimal effort on your part.

5. Submit your RSS feed to RSS directories like Feedest.com. Some of the RSS directories will republish your feed snippets and create a link each time you post. Submit to 20 of these and you get 20 new links each time you create a page. Create 1 page per week and that’s 20 links per week x 52 weeks = 1040 additional links per year.

6. Submit your blog to blog carnivals. Blog carnivals take submissions based on topic and put them all in one blog a few times a year. It only takes a few minutes to submit your posts. These come and go but if you submit to 100 of these per year, that’s another 100 links and you’ll also get more website traffic as direct traffic from the carnivals…

7. Submit your articles to American Chronicle. They replicate your articles across all 21 sites they own. So, you get an author link for each article in their side bar, plus whatever you put in the body of the article. I usually put 2 links. So, I get 3 links per article x 21 sites = 63 links per article. Submit 1 article per week and that’s 63 links x 52 weeks = 3276 links per year. If you’re doing article marketing anyway, it’s pretty easy to craft the article for AC and post it.

I’ve used all of these methods and they work. I’m sure you can find some creative ways to combine some of these for even better effectiveness as well.


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Shiva Khandelwal on December 12, 2012 at 2:51 AM said...
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