Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Get Traffic Buzzing All Over Your Website Now!

Owning a well-laid out website with great sales copy is good news. Owning such a website that's buzzing with traffic is great news. So what do you want - a website packed with traffic or just eye candy? Of course, you want a website jam-packed with traffic - and here's how you can divert massive traffic to your website:

Free! It's the magic word!

Now, if you are selling a product, say coconut oil used in cook, and you want to give away a freebie that will give customers incentive to sign up for your email list. If your e-book or report talks about the best dishes to make with coconut oil, it will be well received on a site about coconut oil. The point of this example is this - freebies attract people, visitors who will arrive at your website because the freebie strikes a chord or fills a need. Along with the freebie, they will join your list to get it and then you can sell to them again in the future and stay in touch with them now.

Gee! It's not free!

Relax! We're talking about PPC (Pay per Click) advertisements that you can release by budgeting a small amount, say $100 or so. PPC ads on search engines can really draw traffic if they are cleverly written. Search engines will ask you to bid on keywords and pay a deposit. Research keywords first, pay the deposit, get a killer ad developed, release it and then watch the fun! By the way, if you're offering a service, go with Google; if it's a product then try Yahoo Overture first.

Link building

When do you build links? It is quite simple. 1. You build links when some likes your website and puts a link on their website. 2. If you pay a design firm or web service for placing links on other sites. 3. When you exchange links with other credible websites. Credible websites is a key. If you build links with non-credible scammer sites, you will undo all of the hard work you've done because search engines will give you negative ratings. You want to always build links with reputable websites that you've researched.

Article submission

Write articles (only professional level, mind you!) on subject relevant to your website's content and hand them around to reprint directories (such as At the end of each article, add a resource box that focuses on your website and carries its link. Other website owners who need content come looking to get some articles from reprint directories; if they like your article, they will publish it along with that resource box carrying your link. Result: your backlinks will increase and your visibility will increase manifold!

Affiliate marketing

Sign up with an affiliate network such as or and invite affiliate publishers to host your product/service on their website for a commission. If they do, your visibility will increase along with your sales - this works especially if you have a low-cost, fast-moving product that needs more publicity.

Running a Contest or Sweepstakes

Use the services of websites such as Feedback and Response-O-Matic to plant forms on your website. Now, ask users to fill in these forms to qualify for a prize. This way you will collect a massive database that you can use for email marketing.

The Power of Viral Marketing

Viral marketing can build you site traffic quickly. Sign up for social networking websites and plug in to the communities offering fun and engaging content that will get your credibility and advertise discreetly your website link. With this, your traffic will steadily increase. Viral marketing is known for giving a website a big boost in traffic.

These methods will generate a lot of continuous traffic. While online advertising is always available, consider using some offline advertising techniques as well. You can give away freebies off line as well as on including stickers, business cards with a calendar on the back and more. No matter what you decide, do it with style.

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