Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Targeted Traffic With Adwords

One of the most important aspects in internet marketing is to have a highly targeted traffic visiting your site. Every webmaster knows the importance of driving quality traffic to a website. The design of the website is just one factor that may affect the success of a particular website. You may have a great product or services to offer and an eye catching website design, but if you fail to use the right techniques to advertise your site, you may not be able to drive quality traffic to your website. If you want your website to succeed or increase your profits, driving highly targeted traffic to your site should be taken into account. One effective strategy to drive targeted traffic to your site is by making use of Adwords, an advertising service offered by Google.

You may be thinking right now on how to make use of Google Adwords. If you have been doing internet marketing for a while, you should be aware that the largest part of people searching around the globe is using Google search engine. Due to its vast amount of user everyday, many webmasters are really serious in getting their website listed in Google search results. Because a high website ranking in Google searches result can mean a high traffic for the website. The search engine result page is also used by the advertisers to promote their products and services through ads and links. As a result, Google launched Adwords to let businesses promote their products or services to highly targeted visitors. And by using Google Adwords, you can guarantee to have instant traffic to your website. By using Adwords, Google will display advertisers? relevant ads within its search engine results page termed as ?Sponsored Links?. So basically, when a relevant keyword was searched within the search engine, Google will display relevant link ads that appear on a separate section giving an excellent visibility to the sites listed.

So how can we make use of Google Adwords? Needless to say, we have to create an account first to use Adwords service. Then while creating a campaign, you must indicate your target language and country. This step is very important because we want to make sure that our advertisements will be only shown to those countries where our product can be sold. After indicating our target countries, we now have to create an ad group. This includes creating the advertisement itself, selecting your targeted keywords, and setting your maximum bid or cost that you are willing to pay every time the user clicked on your ads. The most important part in creating the ad is the headline that will grab attention of your target visitors. When creating the ad, make sure that you describe your website clearly and accurately. Conveying a clear message through your ads is the most effective part in advertising. By doing this, you can make sure that you are attracting qualified individuals that eventually may convert to a sale.

There are literally many types of keyword research that you can use to build a list of highly targeted keywords. By having targeted keywords, the chance of closing a sale eventually increases. Broad match is targeting keywords in a freely distinct method. In broad match, your ads will appear based on your keywords queries as compared to exact match, the ads will only appear if the exact keywords were queried by the searcher.

After you have created your headline tag for your ad, you now have to set your daily budget to optimize your ads exposure. Although Adwords suggest a daily budget for your campaign, it is far better to set your own daily campaign budget based on suitability. You should also determine your maximum cost per click and Google Adwords also recommends you a cost per click. But again, you don?t need to put what Adwords have suggested because you are still the one who will decide on how much you are willing to pay for every click that your ads will get.

So basically, Google Adwords is a very powerful tool that an internet marketer can use to get not only maximum exposure for your website but also to drive qualified traffic to your website. Although, Adwords is one way to get targeted traffic, you should not rely alone to Adwords in driving highly targeted traffic to your site.

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