Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bringing Traffic To Your Web Site

Bringing traffic to your web site is the key to making money online. Whether your site makes money from advertising, affiliate marketing, selling your own products, or subscriptions, you won't make a penny until your prospective customers actually visit your web site.

What if there was a way to get your web site promoted online, so that it shows up in the first page of the organic search results, or referring sites show up in the first page of the organic search results which then point people to your site?

What Works And What Doesn't
We know that the best traffic you can get (other than people who already know about your site and have their credit cards out before they arrive, of course) is organic search traffic.

To appear in the organic search listings, you need to be, in the eyes of Google (or whatever other search engine people might use), a good place to go for information on that search term - otherwise known as a "keyword".

Search engines decide which web sites are about particular topics on the basis of the keywords on the page, and the links to the page from elsewhere on the internet.

Getting traffic is all about getting your pages (whether they are your pages on your site, or your pages on sites like this one which then link to your web site) to show up in search results.

Once you have the wording on your pages done correctly, it's all about getting backlinks to your pages, with the right "anchor text" - the words that are the link. What you want is keyword-anchored backlinks - links to your site which have your keywords as the anchor text.

How can you get these keyword-anchored backlinks?

One way is to create Hubs, Squidoo lenses, and articles in article directory sites. Another way is to create blog posts. You can also use social bookmarking sites, if you are careful, to create keyword-anchored backlinks.

It doesn't cost you anything, but it takes time.

Basically you have to write lots of articles, and post them all over the place!

You can't just post the same article everywhere, because Google will only show one result if it finds duplicate pages, so it's a waste of effort to post the same article in lots of places. And if you bought the article, you're unlikely to be the first to post it somewhere! You really need to write your own.

What If Someone Would Do It For You?
What if you could push a button and get 30-50 keyword-anchored backlinks to your site?

Not rubbish links from spam directories, but proper links embedded in articles and blog posts?

Plus 100 articles based around your keyword, but at least 30% different from one another to avoid duplicate content penalties, that you can use to make Hubs, Squidoo lenses, and blog posts of your own?

And have your site social bookmarked in a way that produces more keyword-anchored backlinks?

We have worked out ways to do all these things - and with intelligent, articulate, native English-speakers doing the work, so you get a quality result.

The question is whether people think it's worthwhile as a service.

Would you pay to have your website promoted like this?

And if you would, what do you think the service is worth?






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