Friday, February 11, 2011

One Simple Strategy to Get Referrals

One truth is a standout above all others: Advisors who give referrals tend to get referrals. Advisors who don't give referrals, tend not to get referrals.
Are you a connector? Are you looking for ways to make connections for others and for yourself? It's possible some of your clients could be doing business with each other or just might enjoy each other's company. Do you present yourself to your clients (and others) as a "resource"? Are you paying attention to other consultants, advisors, professionals, and small business owners who represent services and products that you may be able to bring to bear on your client relationships?

Give Referrals Properly
How you give referrals has a direct impact on how others give referrals to you. Here are two "rules of thumb" to follow when giving referrals:
  1. Give referrals carefully. Make sure the service/product provider you are referring is a competent and trusted resource. Take a little time to insure a good match.
  2. Make strong connections. Don't just give out names and phone numbers and hope the parties connect. Make sure the connection goes through. Giving out names and phone numbers is a nice gesture, but no value has been transferred until the connection goes through. When I give a referral, I always create a reminder that pops up in Outlook a few days later to make sure the parties have spoken.

When you take the time and effort to make sure the referrals you give get connected, others will do the same for you. How you give referrals models how others should return the favor.






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