Friday, February 11, 2011

7 Words to Help You Close More Sales

I have a very quick tip for you this week. However, don't let the brevity fool you. Use this tip regularly and you'll see your production rise. Send me your "thank you" emails when you do!
When you get on the phone with a prospect or a client - or meet with them in person - do you have a desired outcome for the call or meeting that is very clear? Clear intentions tend to produce clear results. Vague intentions tend to produce vague results.
For the rest of your career, before you get on the phone with a prospect or client, before you meet with them in person, think of these 7 words, "What's my desired outcome for this meeting?" (Or phone call.)
Would you agree with me that when you have a clear desired outcome for a phone call or meeting you're more likely to make that happen? The key word is "clear." Do you know exactly what you want your prospect or client to do as the result of your interaction? And if you do, do you create an agenda for the call/meeting that is likely to get you the result you desire? Do you craft the right questions that will get your prospect or client thinking in the ways you desire - and that are in the prospect's or client's best interest?






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