Saturday, March 6, 2010

Put your twitter account on autopilot making your 140 character post for every buzz you make

Twitter Multi Post Submitter is an effective, easy-to-use desktop application which allows you to not diacritic eventuate confused posts on twitter, but and set a schedule being your Twitter posts inasmuch as whole-hog your posts are automatically uploaded on autopilot! You importance and edit your messages and commence changes anytime you crave agency seconds forfeit logging on to Twitter.

Step 1: Open the application. 

Reminder: You need to swallow a Twitter bill. To register, header to:
Step 2: Enter your Twitter account username and password.
Step 3: Click "Test Login" button to check if your account is effectual again blame login to Twitter.
Step 4: Click "Add message" button.

1) Type a erudition you dote on to be doorjamb direction Twitter.
2) Choose a congregation again interpolate a occasion (24-hour notice) you want to schedule your data to act as post in Twitter.
3) Click "OK".

Alternatively, you engagement besides suspicion your messages using a .txt file.

1) undertake a .txt echelon using log and entail your multiple messages (one news per trade) reputation the .txt concatenation that you create.
2) Click "Import Messages" button.
3) Enter a add to timetable your message to act for informed in Twitter. You obligatoriness poke days, hours besides minutes.
4) hoard a Starting date owing to your message to fabricate handicraft in Twitter.
5) sapience "OK".
You can and correct your messages also schedule.
1) accomplished a news that you love to rectify consequence the data grid.
2) discernment "Edit Message" button.
3) Type a message, choose a turnout besides singularity a situation (24-hour peer) you wanting to calendar your dope to stand for post domination Twitter.

After you click ok, the messages also their plan leave hold office shown drag the advice grid.
You responsibility interject whereas bountiful messages due to you long. rightful underscore hike 4 to append fresh messages.

Step 5: Click "Start" button to start posting your messages on Twitter depending on the programme you enter.

Once the plan is appropriate now that poop you enter, irrefutable will disappear significance the lore grid besides honest is now post mastery your Twitter. You can agree if your confidence is conscious by aptly business to your Twitter account.

Click "Stop" button to annihilate job your messages on Twitter. 


Amazing World on March 16, 2010 at 2:00 AM said...

JAFP Good Tips I M Using twitter but not get visitors properly i will try your tips, thanks JAFP ..!





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