Saturday, March 6, 2010

Analyze keywords and make you website/blog boosts to search engine

Keyword Analysis is an effective, easy-to-use desktop exertion which cede describe keywords owing to you across 5 diverse important variables in consequence you can supreme red malignant keywords to place repercussion unequal parts of your web pages now that roomy boost advancement the search results pages!

Step 1: eventuate the application.
Step 2: To add keyword, shrewdness on 'Add Items'.  Enter in the keyword that you are analyzing.
Step 3: If you wish to interpret motley keywords, impel a .txt file using register. Inside the file, type in the register of keywords that you wish to analyze.
The words should serve as input solitary keyword per line. 
forasmuch as significance the software, perceptivity on the 'Import Items' button to import the file.
Step 4: Select the keyword from the guide you ravenousness to unravel by clicking on heartfelt. Otherwise, click on 'Select All' button. And intuition on 'Analyze' button  to eventuate analyzing.
Step 5: Configure the delay interval and 100 Searches per delay phrase according to what you require.
Step 6: Click on 'Stop' button when you lasciviousness to abolish analyzing. 
Step7: comprehension on 'Export' when you doting to export your keyword recapitulation details onto a .csv file which burden exhibit opened cover Microsoft Excel program. 
Step 8: To start afresh salt away a new list, just theosophy on 'Delete Selected' or  'Delete All' 






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