Saturday, July 25, 2009

Top Mistakes you''ll be making

Content is number one followed by great keywords. What else is there to know? There are actually a number of mistakes many Internet marketers make when it comes to keywords and quality content. If you want to grow your online empire, focus on quality content and the use of quality keywords.

The following are some of the most common mistakes individuals make when it comes to keyword usage.


Did we not just say that you do not have to worry too much about density and that low numbers were good? Yes, this is true, but many individuals do not take the time to do the research to include the right keywords in their documents.

In our example, if you were to just write really great articles on tables and did not go through the steps of researching keywords, chances are good that the website will never rank well. The problem is, you do not know what people are typing into the search box to find what they need. People are looking for pedestal tables.

By placing those keywords into your pages in the appropriate amount, you will see improvement. For each of the top keywords related to your website (including those who may not be the top tier), look for a goal of 2 percent over your entire website.


We have talked about this a good amount. Keep in mind that many people do not realize that they are going too heavy with the keywords. For example, the average blog post is about 300 words. If you get started talking about the number of unique pedestals out there, you could easily surpass the number of times you include the words "pedestal tables" in that small article. Using the phrase “pedestal tables” six times is already 2 percent of a 300-word blog post!

It is helpful to use keyword density software to help you avoid these problems. Or just be mindful of what you are writing.


What is another name for the topic that you are using? People not only type in the word you are most commonly using, but also their own version. Consider just how many variations of the same word the English language has!

What's more, most of the time, even the best keyword research tools do not always include synonyms in their results. Therefore, it is really up to you to remember these.

For example, perhaps you are writing on the keyword "pedestal table" and you use just that version. Another term could be a "bistro table." Chances are good that both will not show up in the same keyword tool (unless you are using one of the best online keyword tools).

Take the time to look through all of your keywords and determine what synonyms are out there. At the same time, look for unique spellings too. For example, you may be writing about "Mountain Pointe," but most people who are searching for information may type in "Mountain Point" or even "Mt. Pointe." These variations can help you to boost your keyword usage.






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