Monday, June 29, 2009

Traffic Buildings ? Top Ten

Traffic building for your website is a primary directive. Without traffic you have no potential for a conversion rate of any measure.

If you can agree with me that traffic building is important, do you know how to go about improving your site traffic?

If not, let?s take a look at ten rudimentary marketing tips that can result in more visits, more customers and a greater income.

1) SEO. These three letters stand for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a skill set designed to help you construct your website to appeal to the automation that reviews your site for determining site rankings in a search engine. If you don?t pay attention to SEO you may not find your website ranked well.

2) PPC. This strategy is also known as Pay Per Click. This is an advertising strategy designed to encourage people to visit your site via a third party site that features products, services or content that relates to your website.

3) Email marketing. By developing a list of email contacts that have expressed an interest in your website and/or product you can send periodic emails that encourage them to visit your website for new offers or freebies.

4) Blogging. Individuals and businesses use this as a way to keep site visitors informed of industry related news in a very personal format. Blogs encourage visitors to drop by your main site and promote traffic-building objectives.

5) Forums. These are online bulletin boards where interactive conversations are encouraged. In virtually all situations links to your primary business can be included in something called you ?signature? and can further enhance traffic to your online location.

6) Podcasting. When you develop an audio program that can be downloaded through your site this is known as podcasting. Many consumers are interested in audio downloads like a podcast that can either entertain or inform. This strategy can keep customers coming back for more.

7) RSS. This service provides customers with a notification when you ad new content to your site. The three letters stand for Real Simple Syndication and allows you to syndicate or distribute your content to subscribers.

8) Social media. Examples of this service would include sites like MySpace or FaceBook and allows you to connect with a wider group of individuals. You can post web links that will draw others to your primary website.

9) Search engine marketing. Like PPC this strategy is advertising based and requires payment for advertising use and click throughs. Using this method can allow your website to appear in an advertising section of various keyword search terms when individuals use a search engine to locate businesses like yours.

10) Video streaming. When you incorporate video into your site you may find that individuals may come either for the entertainment value or for the information it can provide. The effects of this tip can be enhanced when you add RSS to all new video streaming files you add to your website.

Make SEO your starting point in traffic building and then work on mastering as many of the other nine skills as possible.






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