Monday, June 29, 2009

How To Optimize A Keyword To Dominate A Top Ranking

If you want to drive targeted traffic to your website, you need to research many keyword phrases. Search engines are powerful machines to generate targeted traffic to your website. Why is your website not visited by potential visitors? So finding the proper keywords are very important for your business. There are high volume searches for certain keywords that equal traffic. If you optimize your website for a keyword phrase and you have good chance to get top ranking on Google and other search engines for the keyword, then your website get targeted traffic. If you choose proper keyword, the traffic is enough to convert to sales for your product or service.

There are step by step doing search engine optimization (SEO) for a profitable keyword in order to grab the spot on search engines:

1. Researching Profitable Keywords

The most important task of SEO is choosing the proper keyword phrases. You must discover what other people are looking for product or service when they are on a search engine. Starting your optimization task with researching keyword tools. The tools I highly recommend are Wordtracker, AdWords?s Tool and Keyword Discovery. The Adwords is totally free for researching. Both Wordtracker and Keyword Discovery provide both free option and paid option. These tools can help you to research the keywords for your product or service. To find more accurate data, I usually use two or three tools together in the same time. This way can helps you define your market better.

Please be aware, choosing the keyword is very time consumsing and a bit difficult. Identifying profitable keywords is a bit difficult task. However, the keywords can help you to make sales on the internet for what you promote. So you need to persistently research the keywords for your long term business.

2. Creating Your Own Website

After keyword researching, you need to choose a domain which targets to the keyword that you want to use. Make sure don?t include dashed in the domain name. For a website, I highly recommend you put the keyword to title, description and meta tags of HTML code. This way lets search engines to know about your website.

You will have a website with the optimized keyword. You need to put the keyword to a content many times, but make sure to don?t abuse it. Then add the content that contain the keyword to your website. Make sure to have at least 300 words in a good content. Search engines robots will crawl your website, they definitely be index your content with the optimized keyword. For example, ?golf cart accessory? keyword, I will place it to the content in many times.

3. Generate Backlinks To Your Website

Backlinks is one of most important factors to dominating a top ranking on search engines. Without it, you are unable to grab the top ranking. The number and quality of backlinks are important for grabbing a top ranking. To get it, you website can take hundreds or even thousands of good backlinks in many days or many months. It depends on a keyword you choose.

Make sure to put a keyword which you choose to other websites as anchor text. This way helps you to let search engines about your website. There are good ways to gain backlinks: article submission, link exchanges, web directory submission, forum postings, social bookmarking and blogging.






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