Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Check List to Get More Referrals

  • Have and use a systematic approach to stay in touch with your clients to continue to build value and build business friendships.

  • Talk to your clients about how you will handle the referrals they might send to you. Ensure them that everything you discuss is completely confidential, and that you take a very soft approach to this process. You will handle their referrals with great care.

  • Teach your clients why introductions are necessary these days. Explain that people procrastinate with financial work and that you have found it very important to be able to reach out - appropriately - to gain their attention.

  • When you ask for referrals, don't just throw open the whole universe to them by saying "Who do you know who I can help?" Come prepared to either brainstorm - with several names and categories, or come with 1-3 very specific introductions you'd like to obtain. "How do you feel about introducing me to your uncle Ernie?"

  • Discuss what the client thinks they need to say to their friend, family member, or colleague. "What do you think you need to say to George to pique his interest in hearing from me? How do you think he'll react?"

  • Do not be overly persistent with your new prospects. After you leave one or two emails or voice mails (a combination of no more than two), and you haven't heard back, get on the phone with the referral source and discuss your next course of action. If your clients perceive you as being to assertive with their friends and family, they will stop giving you referrals.

  • See if you can attend meetings and events with your clients to gain in-person introductions. Many of your clients belong to trade associations, community service groups, and hobby groups. Tell your client you'd love to learn more about their industry or interest, and ask if you can tag along as a guest.


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