Saturday, March 5, 2011

7 Ways to Make 2011 Your Best Year Yet with Referrals

I'm going to give you a check list of seven things you want to do ASAP to get flow of new clients coming your way - through referrals and other relationship-marketing methods.
  1. Set a Goal for how many new clients you want. Okay, nothing new about this idea. Set a goal for how many new clients you want to acquire by being proactive with referrals. Keeping the score raises the score! This goal should be a stretch, but achievable.
  2. Determine your behavior necessary to reach this goal. Set some weekly behavioral goals you can track that you know will help you reach this overall goal.
  3. Make 2 lists. One list of clients you know you will ask for referrals, and another with those you think you can get the courage up to ask. Start with the first list. Gain confidence. Move to the second list.
  4. Determine or refine your client service promise. Have a concrete plan and honor that plan on how you will be staying in touch with your clients in 2011. Keep bringing value in various ways and keep building your business friendships.

5. Attend our F*r*e*e teleseminar on February 1 or 2 with Maribeth Kuzmeski and me. Get your 
    referral strategies refreshed and gain some new ideas as well.

    6. Make a list of current and possible Centers of Influence. Every week 
   - as best you can - schedule a meal with a prospective or current COI to build your relationship. 
    See The Referral Minute from December 21, 2010 for how to do this. 

    7. Register today for RCI's Client Acquisition Boot Camp in Chicago on April 7. 
    This is one business-building event you don't want to miss. I personally guarantee 
    you will find this day to be one of the best investments in your time and resources you may 






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