Friday, January 7, 2011

10 Tips to Maximize Referrals from Centers of Influence

Here are a few tips designed to help you grow your own personal sales force:
  1. Become disciplined about doing something every week to meet new Centers of Influence or strengthen your current COIs. Working a few weeks in advance, schedule one meeting (or meal) per week with a potential COI or current COI. Consistent activity in this area is critical to making this strategy payoff.
  2. Set a goal of how many and what types of COIs you'd like to have. How many CPAs, attorneys, tax preparers, real estate agents, mortgage brokers, and businesses owners do you want to have as part of your own personal sales force? Then go about meeting these folks.
  3. What's the best way to meet COI's? Referrals from your clients and current COIs. You can meet these folks through networking events and the like, but direct referrals are always the most effective way to go.
  4. Never assume you are referable in their eyes. And just because you give them referrals, doesn't mean they'll automatically give you referrals. In fact, giving referrals doesn't make you referable. When they truly trust you and understand the value you bring to others, you become referable.
  5. Never assume a COI knows how to give you referrals in an effective manner. Discuss it with them. Teach them how you like to be connected to good prospects. If you are a referral resource for them, ask them how they want you to connect prospects to them.
  6. Never assume a COI knows who fits your business. Teach them. Bring it to life with anecdotes, stories, and case studies.






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