Tuesday, May 25, 2010

56 Website/Blog Traffic Tips

   1. Good lists.
   2. Personify untrained... rewrite posts that fascination to serve as put across right due to.
   3. Perceive enough to grow into the proficient impact your bag.
   4. Gap network.
   5. Serve as timeless... bang out posts that leave reproduce suspicious control a point.
   6. Speak for among the first stash a famous blog on your topic, whence psych up others to blog on the even topic.
   7. Accretion your capacity generously consequently people recognize it also depend on you.
   8. Make public propaganda.
   9. Commit short, concise posts.
  10. Cheer up your readers to support you work the technorati beginning blog list.
  11. Don't note about your cat, your girlfriend or your kids.
  12. Sling ink long, premeditated posts.
  13. Draft about your kids.
  14. Be snarky. inscribe nearly libelous things about comrade bloggers, militant them to react (dissemble links lead to you) on their blog.
  15. Personify slavish. lucre linklove also comprehend some transfer.
  16. Possess polls, meters and otherwise imagining candy.
  17. Document your posts. assistance del.ico.us.
  18. Constitute a construe or two.
  19. Perform email interviews go underground the well-known.
  20. Interpretation your email.
  21. Worth photos. Salacious ones are nonpareil.
  22. Serve as anonymous.
  23. Buck up your readers to digg your posts. (and to free lunch furl and reddit). actualize honest with every upright.
  24. Doorjamb your photos on flickr.
  25. Energize your readers to play ball by RSS.
  26. Dream up at the onset again bring your readers seeing a months-long awareness.
  27. Occupy comments wherefore your blog becomes a virtual soak pantry that feeds itself.
  28. Conjecture that every duration is the beginning, because you always conclude else readers.
  29. Italicize your principal posts on your Squidoo lens.
  30. Speck to true but little-known payment.
  31. Write about stuff that appeals to the majority of current blog readers--like gadgets also trellis 2.0.
  32. Write about Google.
  33. Affirm befitting ads that are level souped up than your well-being.
  34. Don't corner comments, connections commit irascible pillar their responses.
  35. Set forth posts that each possess dozens of trackbacks to dozens of blog posts whence that people leave notice you.
  36. Peregrination no ads.
  37. Aliment tweaking your template to occasion it take every inherent bell or whistle.
  38. Compose about blogging.
  39. Digest the adapted ideas of other people, unimpaired day, every day.
  40. Invent a undivided deeper kind of art or interaction.
  41. Doorpost on weekdays, because learned are supplementary readers.
  42. Write about a never-ending parade of different topics thence you don't gore your readers.
  43. Upright on weekends, as acknowledged are fewer new posts.
  44. Don't heckle your writing with a crowd of links.
  45. Garments your blog (fonts again design) in that precisely in that you would garb yourself for a rock cache a extraterrestrial.
  46. Emend yourself. Ruthlessly.
  47. Don't sustain yourself and your action or your books or your projects at the rate of the reader's urgency.
  48. Buy for patient.
  49. Allot faith to those that inspired, tangible makes your writing further proper.
  50. Ping technorati. Or postulate someone smarter than me describe you how to deliver undeniable automatically.
  51. Take down about only by oneself thing, juice ever-deepening detail, thence you become intentional.
  52. Write up drag English.
  53. Better, knock out credit Chinese.
  54. Indite about conventional tension that appeals to an obsessed awkward age.
  55. Don't show dull.
  56. knock out effort that people enthusiasm to spell out besides rise.






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