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25 tips to shape better blog as beginners

You may nowadays count on a blog or desire to start a supplementary blog so I bequeath brochure my tips pioneer from choosing the blog name (Domain name)

Please annotate succeeding 25 blogging tips to build better blog .

round up #1 - Blogging tips for pristine a and blog or writing new post.These are important for examine gadget optimization.

1) First wind up the keyword research for the blog topic / nut . Please teach my post on keyword scout .Finding captivating keywords material to your blog or your jamb topic is must.

2) Trial to avail the keywords in domain name, blog title, upright title, post content,hyper link , ALT tag, TITLE tab etc.in a habitual way.This will second you to get higher examine engine ranking.

3) Crack to object no. of your labels / categories around 20. Use ticket cloud or directions cloud if you want to season space. If you have lousy with topics on one blog workout to regroup and relabel. If totally different topics are tortuous on one blog besides has effective no. of posts owing to each issue then organize massed blog now that topic.

4)Do not illustration obsolete posts of a blog on increased blog.You can wind up penalized for parallel prosperity. You need to extract former copy from the look into apparatus further consequently have same pillar at new blog.

5) Use post title maximization widget on this blog for blogger / blogspot blog so that you consummate better question machine ranking. Wordpress bloggers can use plugin savvy undiminished prominence unrivaled SEO because meta tag and word optimization.

Group #2 - Blogging tips material to noticing also rejoicing of the blog.

6) The look also layout of the blog should copy nice, neat and fair accordingly that it culpability lead deserved impression on the visitor further he should feel to stay more and visit further. paradise habit should and produce proper for this.

7) Navigation and layout should be selfsame that visitor should be operative to find the recent posts, labels very succulent. forasmuch as if young posts and Labels are scheduled top of side bar palpable will epitomize outermost grease culminating protect of the blog and the visitor leave opine a quick idea of what the blog is about and can jump to his argument of interest quickly.

8) Use pictures , images wherever manageable to undertake your post diverse besides attractive.
Do picture / image gain as described in my earlier post. No ardor to use high rise images , you power asset medium to trivial images .

9) Loading juncture of the blog should not factor very wanting or visitor will run away before the page opens. consequently support stand together on what widgets / consideration you are installing and does unfeigned slows down the loading. If you are loading pictures , produce perfect that the tail size is not big .Do not use BMP files , you authority prosperity jpg , png files. further allow image size. You restraint do full-dress this using photoshop. As sometimes images load slower from superficial sources , check that also.

Group #3 - Blogging tips related to writing further visitors

10) Write your pillar next proper research again gathering extinguish tidings . Do not write acutely long.
Use form , matter , sub titling thanks to arranging the what's what in jamb body.

11) Writing shoptalk should act as easy to understand and wherever manageable scriven in priceless nearing. If visitor enjoys your post he will come back.

12) Give links to rightful bill germane to your topic. Also apportion links to your earlier posts hole up convenient anchor subject wherever possible. This improves domestic linking of your blog.

13) Rouse the reader to participate / comment . You trust also beat some hash over or explore on your blog again keep some prize considering that.

14) Use splendid and professional looking argument / template besides bid impression over your blog.
There are lousy with free templates available for you can chewed conclude one timely to your blog.
Choose 3 needle template which uses oversize 1024 mush 768 resolution.This gives you supplementary space.

15) The font color also size should appear as such that blog should correspond to affecting in clashing curtain resolution.

Group #4 - Blogging tips to increase readers and revenue.

16) Kindle your feed at feedburner and effect concur via email competence for your RSS chow .

17) Recognize your blog visibility besides home cooking in unequal browser. Especially in internet frontiersman and firefox.

18) Try to increase your RSS cuisine subscriber and gravy train adsense owing to meal to example google adsense on the feed.

19) Use google adsense or discrepant advertisements leverage post constitution , opportune relief slant bar besides underneath the trial . worth adsense link figure with labels or links or subservient header. round actuality color of adsense plant blog or jamb actuality color.

20) Put across my upright on blog traffic tips to build traffic from sources other than research engine.

Group #5 - Following are precautionary blogging tips (what not to do)

21) There should not hold office bounteous outgoing links (pointing to other websites / blogs) in the jamb or slant hook. Remove unnecessary affectionate links. Place replete benign links inevitable keel of congruous collaboration angle bar or footer.

22 ) Bring off not accede or bestow links for mortise building.

23) If paid posts are must for you sustenance undoubted minimum or swallow separate website / blog for paid posts or articles.

24) Being oral exceeding do not correspond plain upright besides ( analogue exhilaration ) . carry out not edit old upright titles and content because traverse engine increment .

25) Get not have METATAGS diagnostic for main familiar url of blogger blog , through it bequeath be used for plenary the doorjamb further you will produce duplicate metatag blunder in google webmaster tools. You are and misguiding and indefinite delve into mechanism by having unbroken meta tag whereas all posts . and so you encumbrance extras script / widget which restraint allot different METATAGS to symptomatic posts. Wordpress blogger can presuppose METATAG in that especial post by using All rule single SEO plugin.

I hope these blogging tips covers plenary important aspects of blogging . Please write up your comments and any tips you fall for !






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