Monday, April 26, 2010

Give Away Free Stuff, Earn Easy *Recurring* Income!

The most effective method of making money online is to give away something for free, then use an upsell process to earn recurring income.

I've developed two new promotion tools to do just that - both of which earn you easy recurring affiliate commissions by giving stuff away free.

In fact you can earn up to $123.50 per sale, and you get paid monthly on all renewals for the lifetime of the customer's membership.

All you have to do is give away a bunch of free, in-demand reports and you'll have money coming in month after month on auto-pilot whether you like it or not (my guess is you'll like it).

Both reports have a high-converting one-time offer upselling them to monthly recurring services.  They also have a back-end which includes an autoresponder sequence and additional upsells.

So you will earn money on those who take advantage of the one-time offers.  Others will simply download and read the report, and once they find value from the free giveaway they will upgrade later.

You make money in both instances, and continue to get paid month after month.

The first free report to give away is called Twitter Treasure Chest.  This invaluable guide shows your subscribers how to make easy money using Twitter.  It also upsells the Twitter Guru Elite service, which earns you up to $44.50 per sale:

The second report reveals a top-secret technique that we used to generate $5,620 in just 24 hours to a small email list of 500 subscribers.  This upsells our Auto responder Service which earns you up to $123.50 per sale:

Don't wait around, start making some easy money today! 

How hard is it to give stuff away for free?  It isn't.  So no excuses, send out some promotions right now while you're thinking about it!

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