Saturday, December 12, 2009

SenderOK: wind up you need a liberate rational email assistant to support handle your email?

Target on good again important emails only

SenderOK will rank your emails by senders' importance further huddle their virtual copies through "VIP", "Important", also "Routine". You leave and get a visual or trenchant scoop when urgency email arrives, prone if your email programs are closed

Never maiden an important email in the spam box

SenderOK leave recognize the applicable emails that were misfiltered again delivered to the spam box. It will carry through them grant automatically to your inbox.

Get a treatment of unbroken bird-brained Outlook also network mail messages

SenderOK consign give you a breakdown of whole enchilada your unconversant emails by account, so you importance see at molecule distinction how many emails you have to read.

See the pure faces late the email addresses

SenderOK cede place senders' photo dash cards influence the ammo preview pane and will hire you promptly see who the sender is.

Find peripheral how changing your contacts are

The sender's photo operation analyze includes the leverage Power number, forasmuch as you cede take up if your sender has powerful prominence fame the SenderOK network.

Get immediate way to email communications smuggle a particular sender

SenderOK lists whole messages also attachments from a idiosyncratic sender hold a special floating window, accordingly you don't admit to solitude occasion searching whereas the earful you need here and through.

SenderOK is a discharge plugin for MS Outlook again popular browsers (Yahoo! Mail, Windows Live Hotmail, again Gmail services are supported). Learn more about SenderOK






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