Thursday, April 2, 2009

Here are some tips to increase targeted traffic to your website.

The number one tip of all is perseverance. Don't ever stop trying. A million dollars has never been made by sitting there wishing it would come.
Get Google Adwords. You have to pay for this service but it can be as low as $5 a week, depending on your budget. Ads about your site will be placed on sites that have similar topics to your site. You could use the money from Google Adsense to fund it. This will bring you the ultimate targeted traffic as all of their ads are only put on similar sites.
Submit your site URL to as many search engines and directories as you can. Follow their guidelines for the best results.
Write articles on topics that relate to your website and submit them to other sites. Make sure they are interesting, detailed how to's with links to your website. Make your articles to the point, but always leave the reader with a thirst for more, thus visiting your site. If you write articles for topics that do not relate to your site you will not get targeted traffic.
Also write a more detailed article and give it away as a free e-book with links to your website once again. Everyone loves free things. Let them have resell rights so your e-book travels even further around the internet.
Create an email database of the visitors to your site. For example; to get the free e-book just enter your name and email address. Ask if they would like to receive your fantastic monthly newsletter. The best way to keep them subscribed to this is to give them one free fantastic piece of knowledge that they find beneficial to them. Personalise the newsletter. Have interesting content.
Create a blog with a relating topic and link it your your website. Always be sure to use keywords.
Of course I have to mention SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Its all about keywords and inbound links, however I am not a expert on this subject yet. There is so much information available on the internet about this subject. Just type it in google search and see what you get. If you perfect SEO it will definitely bring targeted traffic to your site because the visitor has chosen this page from search results.
There are probably hundreds of ways to get more targeted traffic, however I hope my tips help you drive as much as you can to your site. Good luck, and don't give up.






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